The Mueller Investigation: “Let Justice Be Done Though The Heavens Fall.”

By Jason Taylor

If there was ever an effective argument to get out the Democratic vote for the midterm elections in the Fall, the current response from the Republicans on the Mueller investigation is it. Too many scenarios depend on a responsible and patriotic Congress doing the right thing. Does anyone believe this current cast of Republican characters cowering before the dark lord Trump has the integrity or ethical stature to remove such a corrupt President?

The uber-rich donor class makes the decisions for this collection of elected tools, from the leadership on down. As long as Trump continues to transfer more and more wealth to the wealthy, the donors could care less about who Trump pays off or the wars he forces upon us. As they already know, even war is good for business. Another painful byproduct of the Trump era is what his overwhelming lack of honorable conduct is teaching young people all over this country and the world. One need only look at Trump’s dishonest children to get a vision of a deplorable legacy, an anomaly which must never be repeated.

Mr. Trump appears to be capable of manipulating the narrative, transferring his own corruption onto the shoulders of our intelligence community and far too many appear happy to believe his narrative even in the face of this tangled web of deceit and secrecy. Far too many of us believed that Congress would take their oath of office seriously, and would provide a protection to the Constitution and country. But, we see only complicity Republicans scrambling to undermine the very institutions they professed such faith in under different administrations.

So Trump wants the Department of Justice to look into itself or the FBI to see if they were ordered to investigate him and it was politically motivated. If the Department of Justice or the FBI were informed that there might be something which appeared to be illegal going on in the Trump campaign, then it was their job to look into it and any action by either organization would be purely for legal reasons, not political ones. If this doesn’t show how paranoid Trump is or trying to obstruct justice then nothing will.

Trump’s mental health needs to be truly evaluated as every day it seems to be going down hill faster than his respect for the law.

Donald Trump would be no match for Robert Mueller. The truth isn’t in him so he’ll do what comes naturally. This is a man who has never been held accountable for any of his actions in his life. He has never been asked to explain himself. Now, with dire consequences awaiting him if he lies to Mueller, he’ll really be on his own for the first time in his life. He won’t be prepared for many of Mueller’s questions. After being pampered all his life, it will be Mueller who will finally take off the president’s training wheels.

With all the possibilities about how the Mueller investigation will play out, the one certainty is that this Congress will NEVER vote for articles of impeachment, not for this president. The president is protected by his office but any proof of high crimes or misdemeanors will not matter to Congressional Republicans. If the president were caught red-handed with his hand in a Russian till or cleaning dirty drug and mob money Devin Nunes would look the other way and hold Mueller and Rosenstein in contempt of Congress for what they found. Nunes would deem such a finding as treason, not the other way around. These Republicans don’t want justice. They want to keep lining their pockets.

Trump has the unconditional support of the vast majority of Republicans and they will do whatever they have to, including lying and breaking laws like he does, to keep him in office. He showed them that you don’t have to be a law-abiding truth-telling honest and decent and considerate human being in order to succeed in the United States so they are all going to follow his example. There’s something about his looking arrogantly down his nose while he pompously spews his proclamations that they just love. Isn’t it wonderful what greed and a love of money and power can do for you if you’re willing to screw to the wall your fellow citizens? And by the way, there won’t be an immigration problem too much longer as those who thought they might want to come to this country realize they’re probably just changing one dictator for another.

Trump appears to be successfully undermining the values of justice, liberty, and even democracy itself so he can manipulate Americans and the Justice system against each other in the most destructive way possible. Never, since the Republic itself was formed has America appeared so weak and vulnerable to collapses as now. At this point, will America remain a true democracy is a valid question the world is asking.

Trump with a cast of willing and self-serving characters; Putin, members of the Republican Party, and with the support of Right Wing extremist media…which can only be described as intentionally manipulative and deceitful propaganda, has in an incredibly short period of time seriously damaged the very foundation and values of what makes America the greatest nation on earth. The American Constitution is one of the most important and meaningful documents ever created by humanity. Its values and truths are pivotal and critical for creating and sustaining democracy and freedom, not just in America but everywhere in the world…and now, before our eye’s America is tearing it apart for the enrichment of a narcissistic pathological liar and his racist/extremist base.

The wrecking ball that is Trump’s criminal enterprise abetted by a complicit GOP is doing serious damage to the institutions of our republic. We need to be patient while the rule of law plays out, and hope that that damage can be repaired before the whole structure collapses. In the interim, we should be in the streets, shouting our opposition to what is happening and demonstrating our commitment to putting an end to it.