The Trump Presidency Is In Shambles

By Jason Taylor

This travesty of an administration needs to end soon. How much more damage are we willing to see this buffoon create? The leader of the free world needs to be an exemplary personality, not a failed businessman nor a despicable human being who treats everyone, not just women, with contempt and disrespect. Trump never had a clue what he was getting into with the Presidency just like he has no clue how to succeed in business (other than inheriting wealth or withholding due payments to those who work for him). He has no clue what to do now he is there — every public appearance is an embarrassment to this nation; we have a President who lacks the ability to speak coherently on any topic if he had something useful to say about anything, to begin with.

What makes this so difficult is that this is NOT supposed to happen in America, and why we have three branches of government, all equal entities. Here is a man whose track record of dishonesty arrives before he does and who has never met “good character.” Yet, here he is basically threatening to throw the rule of law under the bus for his own personal self-serving reason to avoid scrutiny and accountability. What safeguards are there in place for this? None.

In considering Ford’s words on Nixon’s resignation (“our long national nightmare is over”), I never understood how a political crisis could be perceived as a dark time for Americans individually. But this administration has made me see the darkness. Let’s hope this long national nightmare might come to end before too long.

Congress has willingly allowed this man to remove their sworn duty and responsibility to hold him accountable. They have allowed themselves to be relegated to being a rubber stamp and useless body of government. How much more different is he from Maduro of Venezuela, or Kim Jong Un of North Korea, or Putin of Russia? Not very much. As long as he hears nothing but silence from this GOP Congress, he will become more and more brazen.

It is great to live in a democracy, where freedom of speech and freedom of our press thrives. Yet today, those two fundamental and core rights are threatened by a man who is so drunk with power and who is mentally, intellectually, and morally unfit and corrupted. This is indeed the worst threat to America today. We cannot let this happen by allowing this man to remain in power. Too many lives were sacrificed to protect our dear America since the birth of our nation to now allow this madman to destroy it.

The sad truth of our current state of the nation is that there will be a good number of people who think he is doing a good job simply because he asserts that he is. We don’t just need to lose this fool soon, we need to wise up as a nation before we lose everything that was built up over the 20th century.

Regardless of this matter of urgency, a clear 40% of Americans don’t care. Trump is their man, and they are so vested in Trump, in his style, his approach, his methods, that all that looks criminal, unethical and anti-social to Trump opponents, myself strongly included, only succeeds in hardening their resolve in his favor.

Trump will take down cowardly congressional Republicans and their party with him unless they demonstrate the courage, integrity, and patriotism that this moment in American history requires of them. So far, they show no sign of rising to the prime occasion of their political lifetimes. Cowardice and partisan blindness rule. It will take decades — an optimistic forecast — for the GOP to recover from its feckless, timid, supine response to this thug who assumes he can “have his way” with his party and our nation.

This isn’t the age of Richard Nixon who left office in disgrace and escaped prosecution only in being pardoned by Gerald Ford. Our nation has dramatically changed. Mueller may entirely succeed in showing all manner of illegality and Trump supporters won’t abandon him. Further, they will see it, with Fox News, many members of Congress, Internet, and Shout Radio nationwide, as a Deep State, Liberal conspiracy against America.

Whatever the reasons, the fears, insecurities, and anxieties of Trump supporters are owned and controlled only by him and his machine. Until that is reversed, even a Mueller success may not resolve our national crisis.