If Trump Fires Mueller Don’t Hope That The Republicans Will Suddenly Find Their Moral Compass

By Jason Taylor

For all the talk of Trump being unpredictable and his behavior erratic, his finally getting around to attacking Mueller’s investigation is about as predictable as he has ever been; it wasn’t a question of would he or wouldn’t he, it was a question of when.

As to what motivated it, perhaps the chaos he so loves has finally gotten too chaotic for even our President; his son’s divorce, all the recent firings, some GOP leaders finding a spine, the special election in PA, the pushback on McCabe’s firing, Stormy Daniels and potentially other women with NDAs, Mueller asking for his company’s business records, Jared using the White House as a business office…. And still, he spent his Sunday at one of his golf clubs.

The challenge that seems to face the nation now is that it is hostage to a Congress that has forgotten its Constitutional responsibility to serve as a check on presidential power and abuse, regardless of political party. Based on recent performance, it is clear that the Republicans are acting as enablers of potential corruption and agents supporting possible obstruction of justice, and as such, most likely would not act appropriately regardless of evidence by the Special Prosecutor of any collusion, if uncovered, with the Russians.

In the face of clear evidence that Nixon had broken the law, members of his own party voted for impeachment. Faced with similar evidence today, I have no faith whatsoever that the Republicans in the House would follow a similar path.

Trump crossed a line when he fired McCabe, and the GOP is right behind him. And if it isn’t obvious that this is a partisan hack job on justice, then Trump’s attacks on the FBI and his attorney’s demand that the Mueller investigation should be stopped are ample proof. Trump knows the noose is tightening around his neck. For those of you who remember the Saturday Night Massacre, then you will know we have reached a turning point and that Trump is a great danger to our values and our freedom. This will not stand, and the GOP is finally at a decision point. So far they’ve opted for authoritarianism at the hands of a vulgar lying little man who is unfit for office under any circumstances.

“Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, had no comment, as did a number of other top Senate Republicans.”

When Trump finally goes down, the silent, spineless “leadership” of the Senate and the rest of the GOP should go down with him. They deserve nothing less. Their behavior is treasonous and it is utterly shameful that they will do anything to implement their almighty plan to get that next Supreme Court justice appointment and impose their ideology on the country at any price, including the fate of our democracy.

We are not watching an American presidency — or even an administration. We are watching a cult of personality. Even the president receives his information from a cult source — Fox News. This cult no longer subscribes to the rule of law or simple facts, only to its own instinct for self-preservation. But the nation is real, made up of real citizens with real responsibilities and concerns. The only illusion — the only hallucination that needs to be seen through — is Donald Trump.

The flaming hypocrisy of the republican party is extremely vile.

Imagine if Barack Obama had been accused or even vaguely connected with less than one-tenth of one-tenth of the revolting behavior of the clown in question. The Republican party would have lynched him in full view on the White House lawn. Spineless and treasonous does not accurately describe the Republican party. A sentient jellyfish would have more morality than almost any of them.

Trump will just keep going until the GOP stops him. I have zero faith that will happen. The best we can hope for is that the Democrats take over Congress in November and can stop him from completely destroying the institutions that truly Make America Great. Even if the Democrats take over I predict that Trump will not be impeached, there just are not enough honest Republicans to get through the Senate. Trump once boasted that he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and that he would not lose support, unfortunately when it comes to the GOP that is true.

This is all fairly direct evidence of guilt. I know, the media has to bend over backward to pretend that Trump is anything but remarkably, obviously guilty, but he is. An innocent man would be assisting the investigation with everything he could, as fast as he could, so that it would go away. It’s been a dark cloud hanging over Trump’s administration since the start, and it can only be defanged by completion, finding no connection between Trump and Russia. Unfortunately for Trump, there is plenty of obvious connection between him and Russia, and his continuous praising and aiding of Putin doesn’t help matters.

So all this hollering about NO COLLUSION just makes it more certain that there is collusion. I already consider Trump to be basically a traitorous stooge of Putin, I hardly need any investigation to confirm that, and I’m sure most thinking Americans are starting to feel likewise. Trump’s brainwashed followers will believe him no matter how much he brags that he’s lying, but what he doesn’t realize is they’re a dwindling group. Every time one wakes up to how much they’ve been lied to, he loses that one forever.

Trump has spent most of his life believing his less than noble moments could be paid for in signing a check, but he is not used to being under the proverbial microscope. Whether he fires Mueller or not, I can’t help but think his days as our President are numbered.