Arm The Teachers? Another Lunatic Solution From Trump And The NRA

By Jason Taylor

The NRA has been pushing this agenda of teachers carrying guns for many years. Mainly so that gun manufacturers can sell even more guns than they do already. Follow the money and you will always find Trump touting that position.

Our current President with his superficial knowledge of any situation weighs in supporting the NRA position, what one would expect of this man who is so ignorant that it is way scarier than even overwhelmingly appalling at this point. He states: “Maybe even pay the teachers who carry a bonus.” Nothing about getting our children educated more effectively or giving a “bonus” for teachers who help students excel in reading or math. It is so sad that lives of our youngest have been lost in a setting where they should be protected and open for learning. But arming those who teach is not the answer. Electing our next President who is clearly not aligned with the NRA would be a great step. Americans please refocus on what we need in our leaders and for me it’s not politicians who have received contributions from the NRA or those who support teachers carrying guns into the classroom.

Someone should ask the president how arming teachers would have helped in Las Vegas, Orlando, San Bernardino, Aurora, Sutherland Springs or the Charleston church shooting.

The reason the President could even suggest, with a straight face, arming teachers is that he cannot put himself in anyone’s shoes. Not for a millisecond can the guy empathize. If you cannot empathize, you cannot provide a workable idea because the actual killing of a 14-year-old doesn’t really move you. You are incapable of putting yourself in the shoes of students, teachers or parents in this situation. Somebody (everybody?) knows this. Why do you think he was holding that paper with questions and notes like “tell them you hear them”? Because he has to be coached so that he can fake empathy because he doesn’t have any such feelings.

Trump has to be coached to focus on the other person so that he doesn’t make it all about himself, his default position. He is being trained to empathize. Or at least fake it. His body language when he first acknowledged the shooting: toneless inflection, looking away from the camera, looking slightly annoyed. And how about the photo op with the doctors and first responders where he was grinning ear-to-ear with a thumbs up? Who, in such a situation where 17 young teens have just been murdered, DOES THAT? The White House is probably concerned that he doesn’t do something inappropriate to make matters worse, such as throwing paper towels at the survivors and parents, giving them White House souvenirs, or some other inanity.

How cruel and calculating can a human being be? Donald Trump sat in an “emotional listening session” with people grieving after school shootings with no intention of doing anything meaningful to prevent future killings. It’s like he’s dragging the country into his insanity. There is no way this country will ever arm school teachers, yet that nonsensical idea has driven a two-day national news cycle when every journalist giving it print space and air time knows it will never, ever happen. Pundits are eruditely exploring the pros and cons of an idea everyone knows is nuts and will go nowhere. What says the news media has to indulge every crazy idea a president puts forth. The legitimate American news media has a problem. It wants to cover Trump like he’s a normal president, but he’s not a normal president. He’s a threat to society and they need to find a way to cover him accordingly.

Is there any more proof needed than this most recent example — a president who would actually put guns in the hands of thousands of school teachers across America.

We don’t pay teachers anything. We denigrate them. We ask them to do way too much already for too little pay. We tried to take away their measly $250 tax deduction for buying their own supplies because we won’t pay for the supplies. And now we’re going to arm them (only the ‘good’ ones I guess) and give them lethal force to carry or keep in their classrooms. We don’t teach art or music or even Civics because ‘there’s not enough money’ but somehow Trump will give the money to buy guns, train the teachers to shoot that particular gun, test them often (I would hope), make sure they are getting good mental health support and aren’t slipping into any problems where if he or she felt threatened by a student, the gun would be pulled out ‘in self-defense’. We read every day about abuses in American schools by teachers onto students. Yeah, let’s put a gun every classroom like a chicken in every pot, right? What could be better?

We are insane. We have lost our collective mind and a tyranny of a minority is ruling this country into a slide of destruction that may have no end and we may never climb back out of the insanity that has taken over America.

How can anyone say that banning automatic, semi-automatic and assault weapons is an attempt to eradicate the 2nd Amendment or any other individual rights? To say so is a lie. No private individual needs the kind of weaponry that has been responsible for so many mass shootings. This not an attempt to restrict freedoms; it is an attempt to bring some sanity into an ever increasingly insane, dangerous world. More guns are not the answer. And it is people like Trump and LaPierre who justify their madness by hysterically inciting the world to more madness and even greater danger.

This country is surely descending into becoming a lunatic asylum thanks to the NRA and a vile, senile President. There is only one way to effect change. Everyone should find out if those standing for election are supported by the NRA and what they propose to get rid of this evil. Then go and vote based on their answers. If we still end up electing NRA supported members to the Congress, we have no one to blame but ourselves. If a majority want to belong to this lunatic bin, those of us for gun control have no choice but to either put up with it or move to a more sane country. The current Congress is going to do nothing about it.

Young people. I am so very sorry. Fight on. You’re inspiring us. You are the antidote to this virus. And we all need to be vaccinated by your courage and follow you to change.