Trump And Ryan Are Playing With Fire…They’re About To Get Torched

By Jason Taylor

This is hardly the first time that Donald Trump has played fast and loose with our national security and that of other nations. We all recall his disclosures to Russians associated with the SVR in the Oval Office itself.

If Trump persists in this dangerous game that he and GOP leadership are playing, all in an effort to discredit Mueller’s work and to set up firing Rosenstein, he will have finally outwitted himself. He is, literally, out of running room after releasing the memo and, worse for him, it will change no minds as to his lack of veracity, low popularity or alleged criminal activities during (and prior to) his campaign.

The point of all this is to sow distrust in agencies that are presumably non-partisan. Of course, the people in the agencies are probably not non-partisan, but they attempt to be in the daily work of protecting the security of the United States of America. Yes, the FBI has behaved badly in the past. However, the Trump Administration’s aim (and the aim of the people shielding Trump) is to make it so that we citizens can’t trust any agency anymore. “It is all rigged” according to Trump, which then allows us to fall into the trap of only believing the Dear Leader, and no one else. At that point, our democratic republic has failed.

These people who facilitate Trump’s actions all look at the short term. They may win a short term battle, but they will lose the long term war. People should go on the right side of history. Principles and the mistakes made by others who did not follow these principles in very similar situations should inspire one’s actions.

Trump thinks he’ll get away it. Congressional Republicans are helping him. No doubt there are a few U.S. House members that think they can get away with whatever they are hiding too. I want someone, with the authority to hold them accountable, to explain to me why they are not untouchable.

There are many pieces to the Russian saga, but every voice of authority speaking out against Trump and Company has not offered solutions as to how this can be resolved. What I get from these voices, is that if Trump fires those investigating him and others, that there will be a “constitutional crisis.” Okay, explain what that will look like. How will that hold Trump accountable?

Trump may think he is, like, really smart, but he never learned that constant belly-aching, constant putting the blame on other people, constant deflecting, constant threats of jailing opponents, does nothing but make Trump look guilty. A person who is, like, really smart, would have remained busy with the real jobs that need to be done, stayed quiet, and tried to be the best he could be. But Trump screams and points his finger but his other four fingers are pointing right back at him.

Ryan, Nunes, and all the other Republicans now take aim at the very institution which protects us from espionage. Have they no sense of shame? No second thoughts about attacking our greatest investigatory agency? Ryan, the most viperous of recent Speakers, is getting away with it all. He’s the mastermind of this House majority intent to kill the Mueller investigation by any means necessary, including taking down the institutions of government itself. That man truly is a snake. He protects an outright criminal.

I truly wonder if this is the beginning of the end of representative democracy. Are we so divided, so willing to protect lawbreakers in order to preserve political power that we are morphing into a plutocracy; a government by a select minority of people “elected” by vast sums of money injected into the electoral process and whose power is maintained by gerrymandering and continual flows of money and favors?

Even worse, it’s now established that a foreign power played a huge role in a presidential election and the prime benefactor of it, at worst, seeks to outright destroy an investigation of it, and at best contaminate and adulterate its work.

I could care less about a 4-page opinion document based on cherry-picked classified information, all of which relates to the source material that Nunes and his aids didn’t even have access to. It may as well be a Nunes diary entry. What I do care about is that the transcript from the House Intelligence meeting relating to this document release heavily suggests this “memo” was crafted WITH the White House’s input.

How is this any different from Nunes’ midnight ride to the White House that resulted in him temporarily recusing himself from the Russia investigation? He was a Trump-team transition member, he’s conspired with the White House before to derail this investigation and this is all being done on Paul Ryan’s watch. Yes, Nunes’ boss has done nothing to curtail this idiocy, in fact, he’s enabled it — quietly — and without fully being recognized for his complicity.

Paul Ryan has unleashed his pit bull, Devin Nunes, to destroy the reputations of the FBI and the Justice Department. Ryan wants the FBI to be “cleansed” as if it were a Communist organization infiltrating the government. It’s the Republican party that needs to be cleansed, starting at the top with the president and his GOP enablers.

For generations, the FBI has been the law enforcement agency that has kept the government and US citizens safe from enemies foreign and domestic. Airing the agency’s dirty laundry is way above Nunes’ pay grade. If he wants to point to corruption, he can start with the White House, where there is ample evidence of plenty of wrongdoing, collusion, and treason.

The FBI is the reason why the Republicans own the federal government today. The president and Nunes conveniently ignore the fact that there was an agency-wide preference for a Hillary Clinton loss in 2016, which prompted James Comey to release that fateful letter just eleven days before the election. Now, because just two FBI agents expressed a loathing for this president, Nunes wants to embarrass the agency and the DOJ. Such pettiness is typical of the Republican party.

Trump does not understand this strange document we call The Constitution. He does not understand the rule of law. In his previous real estate developer life, he handled his transgressions by “lawyering up” and bullied and bribing his way past legal transgressions. Now, in the White House, he lurches from one obstruction of justice to another, while dreaming of finding his “Roy Cohn”, the vicious, amoral advocate who will bulldoze over Trump’s law-breaking. Trump is too stupid, and too uneducated, to understand what he doesn’t know. And there is so much he doesn’t know.