Lies And Propaganda: Tonight’s State Of The Union

By Kotti Pillar

Although America is quickly losing her hold on Democracy, we are not yet a full-fledged dictatorship. We still have a choice whether or not we watch propaganda. I am thankful for this. Because I still have the freedom to do so, I choose to boycott tonight’s State of the Union address.

Here’s why:

Trump was not legitimately elected. Russia interfered in our 2016 elections in multiple ways, and now we have multiple sources exposing the myriad ways the no-longer-GOP has had a finger on the scales, unfairly tilting elections for candidates the people did not select. For example, the investigations by multiple individuals and groups, including the relentlessly diligent efforts by @mikefarb1 and his brilliant technical team at, have identified multiple significant anomalies with the election results, extremely disturbing manipulations of the voter registration databases in Pennsylvania, Trump Organization server communications with Russia, and more.

Since Trump’s election, we have suffered an onslaught of greed, bigotry, attacks on the free press and basic human rights, abasement of science, war on the planet and climate change to benefit Big Oil, and a veritable smash-and-grab by the GOP-controlled Congress to raid America’s treasury to transfer billions of dollars into the pockets of our so-called President, his team, his lenders and creditors, and, sadly, our members of Congress. There’s no other way to describe this: it is bad.

A critical element of both Trump’s campaign and his “Presidency” is the insidious barrage of lies and propaganda intended to manipulate and obscure the truth. This must stop. The media has been weaponized by billionaires like Robert Mercer and Rupert Murdoch, and now Trump, who are focused on their own greed, power, and financial gain — whatever the cost.

Trump has not uttered a truthful statement since he took office. Thankfully, we have reporters and news outlets willing to tackle the monumental job of keeping track. It’s all lies. All the time. The State of the Union address is just another propaganda tool designed to pander to Trump’s puppeteers and the few vile Americans who actually voted for him. It will not make America great again. It will not make America better. It will not benefit America in any way. Instead of wasting my time watching it, I’ll spend my time on something more important.

Something incredibly important, like supporting the #unhackthevote effort, promoting and fundraising for fantastic Democratic party candidates, and working to Get Out The Vote (#GOTV). Democratic party voters need to show up at the polls in massive numbers for every upcoming election until we flip key state seats, such as Secretary of State (controls election systems in many states), and flip both houses of our US Congress to give the Democrats a majority. This is what must be done if we want Trump impeached. We must Flip It Blue, and fast.

So, I will boycott the State of the Union address. It is more propaganda from a corrupt, illegitimate, so-called President entirely beholden to Russia. He is unworthy of our White House and our Presidency. We deserve better. Instead, I will protest and spend my time working to fix this mess we are in. We have a monumental task in front of us to return to even a semblance of the core principles this country was founded on, but there is hope. Let’s get to work. That’s the #StateOfTheDream, for me.