Trump Wants Nunes Memo Released: Republicans Really Are Unpatriotic Scoundrels

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump knows that Mueller has his number, hence this desperate Hail Mary attempt to declare the evidence as inadmissible. Too late. Flynn, Papadopoulos, Bannon, Gates have a story to tell and it will be told whether Donald Trump likes it or not.

Note the sweaty desperation shone by rabid Trump supporters like Nunes, including the new and the rather clever tactic of cherry-picking suggestive information to “reveal” to the public, knowing it is quite possible that contrary information could remain classified — or at worst, Trump’s base will, as usual, ignore facts contrary to their conspiracy theories anyway. It’s fascinating to see people repeat the mistakes of Watergate, knowing them full well but having to take the shot because they suspect, if not know, Trump has done worse than merely cover up a minor burglary.

This is a memo written by a former Trump transition member who already has been caught doing one mission to derail the Russian investigation. In this memo, he cherry picks confidential information to attack the guy overseeing Bob Mueller. Sounds like another mission to derail the investigation, specifically Mueller ‘s investigation. And the timing is interesting. This comes AFTER Congress passed the renewal of FISA. So Nunes gets to attack Rosenstein but save the system that Rosenstein allegedly abused?

Remember when Donald Trump said none of those in his orbit during the campaign and transition had contact with Russians? We’re now up to 12 people that were in fact in contact with Russians, two which have been indicted and two which have already pled guilty to lying to the FBI. One person who couldn’t “recall” his contact is Jeff Sessions, the top law enforcement officer in the nation.

The first question to ask is why lie at all if nothing was criminal or suggested collaboration or collusion? What is everyone with selective memory loss-hiding?

The next question is why not allow an independent counsel to conduct his investigation without attempting to undermine the inquiry. The FBI are just investigators. Other persons address and decide if laws were broken, if cooperation took place or if national security was, or is at risk.

An attempt at discrediting the investigators seems to me to be a foundation to question the results of the inquiry. Everyone knows the Russians interfered with the election. To suggest that the investigators have to be investigated because they may be biased, without solid evidence, lowers the bar to the point wherein our entire justice system is placed at risk and diminishes the integrity of even basic criminal inquiries.

Republicans are complicit in this behavior as they distract and distort the results that may impact their agenda. It’s party over country and obstruction. It may be treasonous behavior.

It is more than crystal-clear that Donald Trump knows that his continuance in office — or at least his presidency — hangs on the thin thread of the dismissal of Rod Rosenstein. The Deputy Attorney General is the knot that Trump cannot untie to unravel Robert Mueller’s investigation. He and the Republicans on Capitol Hill know that a Rosenstein departure will precipitate a Saturday Night Massacre redux, only this one will be at high noon. Some Justice Department flunky will read the orders bidding Mr. Mueller to be off the premises.

It’s puzzling how the Justice Department is worried that the FBI has been tainted at the top by officials who were covering for Hillary Clinton. I suppose they’re forgetting that then-FBI Director James Comey, in effect, threw the election to Trump ten days out with his “letter to Congress,” a deceiving set of circumstances that confused the public and hardened their already-adamantine biases against the Madame Secretary. That Mr. Comey, a Republican who swung wide the doors of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for Trump, was rewarded with dismissal is beyond rich.

If Carter Page was a Russian spy, or agent posing as a banker, it is the Justice Department’s bound and sworn duty to investigate this matter.

Nunes has subverted the power of his office. First, he shouldn’t be involved with it in the first place, having been told to recuse from all things Russian because of his ties to the Trump transition team. So, how can he pop up to produce a cherry-picked FISA warrant to “prove” the dossier is behind the warrant on Carter Page. But Democrats, who have seen the same classified information, say this is just one side of the picture and there was plenty of other classified information to substantiate the warrant.

I hope Americans realize that this campaign to “release the memo” is being supported by millions of Russian bots, unleashed to drown social media and obfuscate the situation. Putin is laughing himself silly.

Trump is inserting himself into this, abusing his power to direct an allegedly independent Justice Department (“My justice department”) to release his memo so he can fire Rosenstein and replace him with a loyalist who will fire the special counsel.

People, we have a reckless president and Congress working in tandem to destroy an investigation that likely will produce a ton of damning information, maybe some treasonous, about the president. If the Nunes memo gets released, so should Adam Schiff’s with additional evidence based on classified information. This fight risks exposing FBI agents in the field, all to protect Donald Trump? How low have we sunk from being a nation of laws.

The Republican Party is lost. They defend the indefensible. They are cheerleaders for the “off the rails” right-wing FOX News. They lose their voices when a strong and loud response is most needed. They expend most of their valuable and very expensive time trying to preserve a party in peril. They have abdicated their responsibility to defend this country from both foreign and domestic attack. Having a strong 401k is no excuse to ignore the tearing apart of the fabric of American Democracy.

Trump is acting like a king, and the GOP is letting him.