The Trump Shutdown: Another Illustration Of Republican Ineptitude And Dysfunction

By Jason Taylor

How many times has Trump, or indeed the Republicans said ‘if you concede now we promise we’ll do the deal you want later’ and kept that promise? The answer is never. How many votes will be won in Trump leaning states by campaigning on ‘we have a record of giving in every time Trump puts the slightest pressure on us’? The answer is none. The GOP forced a shutdown in 2013, got what they wanted, and ultimately got rewarded at the ballot box. Let that be a lesson to Democrats today: victory only comes to those brave enough to fight for it.

It is sad that it came to shutting down our government as an attempt to wake the Republican Party to the fact that they are completely out of touch with the majority of Americans. The majority of Americans feel it is wrong to remove people who came to this country at an early age without choice and are now adults contributing the same as everyone, joining our military and are American in every sense of the word with the exception of an official document.

The Republican Party especially its leaders Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan think they should be congratulated for the one thing they have completed over an entire year which is a massive redistribution of wealth to those in the least need of help, which is the top 1% of income earners and Multi-National Corporations. They are so cynical and callous that they are dangling the health care for children with horrible ailments as if that is something that should be bargained for. They just have no clue as to what fairness is, justice is, or even why it is important as a country for us to collectively to help those who need it the most.

Trump himself said on Fox in 2013 that a government shutdown is always the president’s fault, of course, Obama was president then. It should be played endlessly until the master dealmaker and his GOP minions start to compromise with the Democrats and reach an agreement.

The media unwittingly supports the blame game, as if all sides are equal in this argument in terms of their explanation for why the government shut down. All sides cannot be equal. One view has to be more accurate than the others. I understand that the media needs to be neutral, but it comes across as looking quite dumb and a contributor to confusion, more than anything else.

Ms. Pelosi’s explanation seems to be spot on since it captures the key ingredients that would be required to identify Mr. Trump as the cause. This is really not debatable. Congress came up with a bipartisan plan regarding the Dreamers, but Trump ultimately rejected it, or the hardliners in his administration did. Whatever the case. It is pretty clear that he tried to wash his hands of the issue, but has now fouled the country with his incredible disregard for humanity, here and abroad. The Republicans simply do not have the votes to keep the government open. They need to make a compromise. The one put on the table only postpones the inevitable. The issue with the Dreamers needs to be resolved. Now is as good a time as any.

Quite frankly, I do not see the need to know what the President will accept. He can veto it if he doesn’t like it, and Congress can override him. Get to it. Right now it looks like the President does not want to have any agreement concerning the Dreamers. If that is his position and Congress can’t move past it, why do another short-term conciliation. That is not a question. If Trump had left DACA alone, there would be NO shutdown. We’re talking about a maximum of 800,000 people who were given license to stay. Less than a million. This is Trump’s shutdown, catering only to what he thinks is his base, rather than representing the American people as a whole. He allowed the Stephen Millers to stifle a previously agreed bipartisan agreement.

There is no way that, other than the irreducible minimum of Trumpian mouth-breathers, the American people are going to buy that this shutdown was created by the Democrats.

The Oaf in the Oval Office, Donald J. Trump, sold some Americans on the idea that he was a “great deal maker.” In fact, he is clueless about how to make a deal in a complicated environment where the other parties have equivalent power. This fiasco is not about “illegal immigrants” at all. This fiasco is about an ignorant, inept, not very bright bully being accidentally elevated to power by the electoral college and the total failure of his myopic party of greed colleagues to bring him to heel.

This isn’t about the Democrats at all…this belongs to Trump and the Republicans inability to govern in the interest of the people.

According to people present at the meeting Friday between Trump and Schumer as well as information provided after that meeting, the two principals had reached an agreement in concept and in detail. Mr. Schumer left the meeting with an understanding that there would be a 3-day extension to allow time to record and present the deal to the Senate and House.

A few hours later, after Mr. Trump apparently met and was convinced by his staff to demand more concessions, he reneged on the deal he had just agreed to and had his Chief of Staff, Mr. Kelly, read a long list of additional demands to Mr. Schumer, requiring they be met before any extension could be considered. In addition, Mr. Trump claimed he had agreed to 3 weeks, not 3 days as the extension period. The turnabout in the White House forced the shutdown to proceed without any extension during which a solid agreement might be achieved. Mr. Trump’s tendency to be swayed away from his intentions by others in his staff indicates his lack of conviction in his own ideas. We cannot be governed by such a hodgepodge of direction and re-direction.

What a way to celebrate your first year. Locked in the White House unable to celebrate with your true base, the rich donors who can afford $100k to $200k to eat “beautiful” chocolate cake. Surrounded by thousands of women protestors with signs stating “grab him by the mid-terms”.

To quote Mr. Trump’s Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, “kind of cool” to be in charge of a Government shutdown. Marie-Antoinette had a similar reaction to her peasants “let them eat cake.” Antoinette, like Trump, only thought of her self. Trump’s greatest fear is his base will turn against him like the French revolutionaries. By 1793 they did not think much of Antoinette–the rest is history.