America Is Full Of Racists: Trump Has Given Them License To Come Out In The Open

By Jason Taylor

Let’s look at this from the perspective of small-town white evangelicals which are Trumps most ardent supporters. They want to make America great again by making America white again.

Most small towns I have ever been in are almost all white. They are not being overrun by foreigners with dark skin. Their economic ills are caused by their town’s few manufacturing plants closing down. If we throw out all of these immigrants, how does that create factory jobs? It doesn’t.

They may counter by claiming that these people are sucking up our resources through social welfare programs. Assume that is true. How does this take jobs away from them? At worst, it adds to the deficit. But so does the massive tax cuts for the rich that have just been passed. If anything, deficit spending pumps more money into the economy which will create demand which will stimulate job growth. Deficit spending is no different than giving out free money.

If the argument is that these people work for lower pay, that should increase profits, which according to trickle down economics, is highly stimulative of growth. So what’s the real reason for the uproar? White Nationalism. The base of Trump’s support is completely racially motivated. Trump’s campaign was race-based. Trump is a racist. The whole mess is an explosion of racial disdain and hatred.

The most honest thing Hillary ever said was that these people are deplorable and she got skewered for it. She was right.

Citizens of other countries don’t just think Trump is stupid, they think Americans are stupid. They think we are stupid for not just electing Trump, but letting him remain in power. They think we are stupid for giving away our manufacturing capacity. They think we are stupid for withdrawing from the Paris Accord because the party in power doesn’t believe in man-made climate change. They think we are dumb for flooding the country with weapons. We are considered dumb for our lack of affordable healthcare. We are considered dumb for saddling college students with debt. They think we are dumb for letting the wealthy flood our elections with money. America is not the only country with these problems, but the once great USA refuses to do anything about these problems. There is one party that refuses to see these problems and FOX News obscures the reality of these problems.

It is not Donald Trump’s boast that even if he killed someone on 5th avenue stated during the campaign, and his getting away with it, that will do him in. It is his absolute inability to restrain his inner thoughts writ large on Twitter and whenever he thinks he will get away with it.

Recently there has been a debate about whether this man is mentally ill. If he is not, he is certainly mentally unbalanced, and delusional about the amount of power he has and what he perceives as his own invulnerability. From his demeaning of John McCain during the campaign as a ‘loser’ for being a prisoner of war, his lumping of whole groups of people into one category, as when he branded illegal Mexican immigrants as ‘rapists’ and some, as possibly good people. Now this latest fiasco with him labeling huge numbers of people as living in ‘shitholes, we can only wonder if what he is saying is just the tip of the iceberg that is Trump’s mind, a cesspool of antagonism, fear, and self-aggrandizement.

As bad and vulgar as Donald Trump’s comments about Haiti and Africa were, there is no excuse for the moral blindness of the Republican leadership in its failure to reject his words unequivocally. No moral spine, but blatant political opportunism and cowardice.

Donald Trump did not flush away America’s reputation. His voters did. His voters did not care that he was a racist. They did not care that he was a bigot and a vile man wholly unfit for his office. And they do not care now. If the election were held tomorrow, they would re-elect this disgusting man to the presidency. They alone are to blame. But for them, Trump would be nothing but a third-rate television show host. They wanted a foul, bigoted man as their leader. Trump did not seize power in a coup — he rode into office on the waves of hatred and bigotry of nearly half this nation’s people.

Trump’s voters have trashed this nation’s reputation, perhaps irreparably. At the very least, it will take decades before the United States regains a bit of the respect and honor it had in the international community. Trump voters have, by their actions and by their continuing, rabid support of this man, dirtied the reputation of our once fine nation. They have soiled the White House by electing him. And not at all troubled by his latest racist remarks, they continue to drag this country through the dirt.

As Trump explained in the Art of the Deal, winning involves total destruction of opponents and exploitation of the public’s hunger for sensationalist news. Once upon a time, Trump was a threat to individuals, small businesses, local economies, and landmark buildings. Now he is a threat to the entire world.

Unless Trump is removed from office (or politically emasculated in November), America will officially become the racist, xenophobic shithole of the world…and we will have deserved it.