Enough Excuses: Donald Trump Is Blatantly Racist

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump is a small-minded, ignorant bigot, and an atomic-bomb controlling buffoon. His childish rants and self-aggrandizing comments prove him worse than unfit. He is unwilling or unable to learn. He may be demented too. I am surprised he hasn’t taken credit for the sunrise. Lawmakers may be “alarmed” at the latest revelations of his racial hatred but will they actually do anything to remove him from the Presidency? What statement or action would be bad enough? Perhaps Trump was right. He could shoot someone in public and he would not suffer any consequences.

Trump is a vulgarian. He demonstrates his crassness every day.

But what is truly vulgar is that Trump Republicans will fake horror, horror over his tweets or caught-on-tape comments. And then they’ll normalize his profanities and bigotry before moving on to something else. Trump is totally predictable. He is unfit, unhinged, and should be impeached. But what’s hard to fathom is when the greatest democracy in the world is being attacked and torn apart from within by these so-called patriots. These ‘republicans’ are not worthy of the flag they wrap themselves in and hide behind.

Trump does not realize that compared to Norway, we are a shithole country. With mediocre public health, third world income distribution, rampant drug problems, declining support for research and education, racism, a disdain for science, a rise in jingoistic nationalism, and a lack of respect among elected officials at the highest level for rule of law or the dignity of the common man.

More depressing than this idiot imposter “president” once again embarrassing the country, is that his followers actually like this behavior. They’re as depraved as he is.

So members of Congress and others in attendance were “mystified?” Why didn’t ANYONE challenge him on the spot? Why does everyone stand around supposedly slack-jawed and speechless? An inappropriate statement deserves a response and an immediate response. Though it’s highly unusual to say the emperor has no clothes in a setting as formal as this, silence equals complicity. Is there no one who can lead? Perhaps reactions were not accurately reported at this meeting. If there was no response on the spot, everyone there is just as accountable. Trump isn’t a king.

This is maybe the most disgusting remark the President has made during his Presidency or his campaign. I am simply angry and stunned not so much that the President said it, but that the only response to such a statement is virtually 100% from Democrats.

Trump’s hardcore supporters are mainly Evangelical Christians. Think about that… I’m not a Biblical Scholar, but I have a sneaking hunch that Jesus was never reported as having said anything about “shithole countries” or anything even vaguely similar. Jesus spent his time among the poor, the peasants, the sick, the lepers with not a single deprecating remark. Yet we hear not a word to indicate that Mr. Trump’s “shithole nations” is simply not compatible with the nominal beliefs of Evangelicals.

Yet we hear not a word in criticism from Trump’s base. I shudder, I’m distraught over what our country has become. I used to be proud to be an American; I’m embarrassed. It is sad and unfortunate that a large portion of the people in this country likely agrees with Trump’s callous attitude towards the plight of those in trouble nations who are less fortunate.

Trump’s stupidity is far from shocking at this point, but in all of his ignorance and idiocy, he has successfully shifted the national dialog one step closer to fascism and hate. I’d love to dismiss him as the fool he is and move on, but our country will give primetime media space to voices that will defend his hate as “pro-American” and accept and fight for his white idea of who “we” are and what “we” want.

This is the damage wrought by every American who elected him, and every American who failed to fight against his election. I wish I’d done more, and that’s not a mistake I’ll make again.