Sheriff Joe Belongs In A Mental Institution, Not The Senate

By Jason Taylor

As I was wrapping up an article last night to meet my deadline I took a few minutes to watch Chris Cuomo’s show on CNN. Low and behold, Cuomo’s next guest was Ex-Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, who is running for the United States Senate seat in Arizona. A seat soon to be vacated by Jeff Flake. The 85-year-old Ex-Sheriff did not disappoint.

Arpaio as Senator is a sick and scary image. We don’t need another political figure who believes he’s above the law. The man’s priorities include choosing the most obnoxious undergarments for prisoners as possible. He all but set up a concentration camp. And of course, ole Sheriff Joe still believes President Obama was born in Kenya.

Joe Arpaio repeatedly violates federal court orders and Trump pardons him. Roy Moore repeated violates federal court orders and Trump endorses him.

This is what our country has become – a swamp in which those who support Trump may flagrantly violate federal law with impunity, but those who oppose Trump should be criminally investigated and/or thrown into jail. This national nightmare cannot end soon enough.

Sheriff Joe: please run! You are the epitome of everything the Republican party currently stands for and the more you and your ilk are exposed to public scrutiny, the better.