Trump Tells 200,000 Salvadorans, Get Out!

By Jason Taylor

I’m baffled by this decision to force these people to return to their home countries after they have rebuilt their lives here. What were they supposed to do, sit around for years with their suitcases still packed, waiting for this decision to come down the line? These people are contributing to the economy, paying taxes, raising their children, living their lives. It’s inhumane.

A more logical approach to this would be to create a path to citizenship for those that have resided here for over a certain number of years and cut off the protection for any new immigrants coming into the country. It’s absurd to instantly criminalize such a vast amount of people that contribute to our country on a daily basis. We’re sending them back to a hostile, foreign environment with significantly less opportunity and an incomparable standard of living.

Have we completely forgotten that the conditions in El Salvador are the direct result of US actions in the 1980s? We owe these folks more than we can repay; having them continue their lives here would be a start in repairing the lives we shattered.

It is a national disgrace to deport these people, and it should be an affront to anyone claiming to hew to a moral standard. But past that, I wonder how all the employers who depend on these hard-working “foreigners” will fare in their absence. Will they be able to hire eager “Americans” willing to work long hours at difficult jobs for little pay and few, if any, benefits?

The notion that we cannot — or should not — provide a legal opportunity for people who have been in this country legally for that long to stay is absurd. If they came here under a legal program, have not committed a crime, have paid taxes, worked, purchased property, had children here and contributed to their communities why on earth shouldn’t they be allowed to stay? Just because Trump and his minions don’t like brown people?

Just wait until it is us who need to depend on the hospitality and generosity of spirit from others. If these people are hard working, good members of their communities and contribute to the general well being of our country they need some status carved out for them. Our country has been a beacon of hope for so many — and so many of those are what made us great in the first place. Not only is it meanspirited. We are throwing aside talent and losing stature. There is no guarantee that we won’t need refuge from some disaster at some point. We might not find many welcome mats. Terribly sad for them, and totally unnecessary.

Since President Trump no doubt is taking this action to make America great again, it should be stipulated:

That no Salvadoran is deported until and unless a Trump supporter is assigned that Salvadoran’s job — for the same pay, for the same hours, under the same conditions. And that Trump supporter cannot quit except on pain of deportation. To Russia. Where they can enjoy the privilege of a real ‘stable’ genius.

We have a deranged and heartless leader who thinks he is a genius and that life in El Salvador is a bowl of cherries. With Donald Trump at the helm of our ship, we are truly rudderless.