An Atrocious Travesty Of A Presidency

By Jason Taylor

The more I write about Trump (some, 800+ pieces over 2+ years) the more it becomes very evident that this man in the Oval Office doesn’t have any idea what being President is all about, nothing. Trump is completely clueless. It’s not about being a big mouth or a just a heckler from the peanut gallery, it is about being responsible and thoughtful with sound, competent judgment, and the doing hard work behind the scenes, not golfing, waving, tweeting and continually being obsessed himself, and with dismantling everything President Obama ever did, signed, created etc…

It seems like what really bothers Trump, is that he knows he will never be as well liked, well respected or as popular as President Obama, and that makes me wonder if his temperament is so unstable and that he is so insecure that he could do something really stupid.

Whether Trump’s presidency will represent an aberration in American history remains to be seen. Nevertheless, future attempts at ascertaining any coherent political philosophy to the GOP this decade from Sarah Palin to Trump will be most difficult, if not a waste of time, for future historians. At best, Trump’s presidency will be viewed as inconsequential. Unfortunately, in contemporary terms, Trump’s victory in 2016 and following presidency also signifies how America has generally abandoned any sense of social responsibility altogether.

However bad most of us have thought things were in the White House, it is a virtual certainty that they are worse than that. However frightened we have been, that is undoubtedly not frightening enough. Is there anything more we can do about it? If we can’t pressure Trump directly (pressure may not even register in his consciousness) we need to put pressure on everyone around him. They need to be made as fearful as most Americans are — or more so.

The most shameful part of Trump’s rise to power is the number of people around him who try to take advantage of his dimness to advance themselves. Any claim that they are on board to prevent disaster is laughable. Other than the military brass who have no choice but quietly circumvent him. His cabinet and advisors are a pathetic bunch. The only way they can ever remove the stain is to publicly admit Trump is hopelessly incompetent and impulsive and he should be eased out of office by either Congress or invoking the 25th Amendment. The country needs to engage in a serious discussion of how to prevent this kind of travesty to happen again.

All the moaning, criticism, and revelations don’t change the dismaying and disturbing fact that Donald Trump is President. He may be intellectually unfit, and mentally impaired, but no one seems to be able or willing to do anything about it. The crisis the nation faces is a complacent Republican Party that controls Congress but continues to be Trump’s “willing accomplices” despite their Constitutional oath and obligation to act as a “check” to “balance” his Executive excesses. None of that has happened as we continue the slide toward a Trumpian autocracy or Putin-style oligarchy.

Our democracy dies with ever Trump tweet, attack on the “dishonest media” and its “fake news” and our “tattered FBI” and our adherence to the “rule of law.” We have moved beyond “idiocy,” beyond misogyny, beyond bigotry, beyond moral authority into a place of mental derangement and illness of massive narcissism, an authoritarian personality, and clever sociopathy.

But until or unless the Congressional Republican Party realizes the “clear and present danger” not only to the nation, the world but to themselves, this will not change unless either Robert Mueller makes an ironclad case for impeachment or the voters clean out the Republican “enablers’ this November. Until then we are on the Trump roller coaster that may end in a nuclear war with North Korea, a major war in the Middle East between Saudi Arabia and Iran, a major recession, or a Constitutional crisis if Mueller is fired.

Republicans must understand that enabling Trump is a lost and foolhardy task. Soon a preponderance of evidence will make Trump’s presidency untenable. And again, the question is, why would Congressional Republicans pawn their integrity and reputation to a corrupt, treasonous and narcissistic con man and his family of grifters? Why?

Where is Howard Baker when we need him? I had hoped that John McCain, or Bob Corker or Jeff Flake would have the courage to acknowledge that Donald Trump is a danger to our country. John Kelly proved, when the moment called for his integrity and courage, to not have what it takes to honestly say the boss is crazy. We don’t know how the adults in the White House will act when Trump finally does the unthinkable. Nixon came close to going off the edge. But he had a Vice President and Senate leaders who counseled him. Mike Pence doesn’t come close to Jerry Ford and Mitch McConnell is no Barry Goldwater. Where are our leaders? Who will live up to the courage that John Kennedy wrote about in his book, Profiles in Courage?

The Republic has not been in this much peril since the Civil War. We should brace ourselves for the worst because the only thing that is certain is that Trump will continue to attack our democratic institutions — most notably the free press. He is certainly capable of blundering or engineering a constitutional crisis — and with Republicans in Congress continuing to support him as he brings the nation down. As Thomas Paine wrote, “these are the times that try men’s souls.” Will Republicans stand for democracy when the time comes or will they continue to see their power as an end in itself?

This is what happens when people don’t realize that government is a complex enterprise, not for amateurs. This is what happens when people don’t care about the qualifications of candidates and cast their votes on the basis that it might be fun to “shake things up.” This is what happens when people fail to recognize that the United States is not unbreakable, that at some point the damage may be so severe it can no longer be repaired. We are perilously close to that point now. God help us all.