You Wanted Chaos? You’ve Got Chaos

By Jason Taylor

This unraveling of the Trump administration is highly predictable, and can only deteriorate further. The Republican-led House and Senate have made clear by inaction that they are impotent to step in, which again, leaves it all on Special Counsel Mueller’s shoulders and a few dogged Democrats to stop Trump before he blusters the country and the world into something truly catastrophic. Whatever bad happens, no one can say they weren’t warned.

McConnell and Ryan this is on you.

As you continue to stand by and do nothing while this house of cards collapses, your legacy will be one of complicity, knowing partners in the downfall of an albeit imperfect democracy. Is the rule of law, our democratic institutions and the Constitution of the United States of no consequence to you?

By allowing this person to continue to occupy the White House, you are harming beyond repair the very people you are paid to represent. Whatever perks you gain from having a quasi-Republican in office are surely mitigated by the long-term harm wrought by his presidency. As politically savvy operators surely you must know that you are setting yourselves and your party up for a defeat from which you and it will not recover. And that would be ok- except you are also taking the American people with you to the precipice and the chances of us recovering grow slimmer with each passing day.

All of this is not surprising, though it is profoundly disturbing. It appears that Bannon, a White Nationalist-White Supremacist, has now decided that he is going to attack Trump because Trump, who has done so much to advance and normalize these racist movements, has become a liability. It says something that the racists who supported Trump now consider him too incompetent to promote their hateful agenda. It appears that this is what this is really about since Bannon knew of the Russian collusion from the time he first started advising Trump and was the primary force behind the movement to destroy the Russia investigation by discrediting Robert Mueller and by cutting off funding for the investigation.

Steve Bannon suddenly being deeply concerned about treason by the Trumps is a joke. Bannon simply is playing the odds. Bannon has calculated based on a number of events, including Roy Moore losing despite Trump’s backing him, that Trump has lost his ability to help Bannon and his White Supremacist movement. Bannon is also one of the few not directly tied to the Russians, so he is getting ahead of the pending indictments with this fairy tale that he was against the treasonous actions of Trump and his family all along.

Just when you thought Trump couldn’t possibly descend to any lower depths in trashing the Founding Fathers’ concept of the American Presidency, he does.

For the first time EVER in American history, a President of the United States has actually tried to use a private non-disclosure agreement as a tool to prevent the American people from learning how their elected leader has conducted himself in the world’s most powerful office.

Likewise, for the first time in American history, a President of the United States has actually threatened to file a private libel suit as a way to stop someone from telling the American people how he has conducted himself in office — or while campaigning for that office. The Founding Fathers must be once again reaching for the barf bag . . . only to find that they’ve already filled it to overflowing while reacting to this madman’s previous trashing of almost every expectation of how an American president should conduct himself in office.

As much as I loathe him and his politics, Bannon is no dummy. He knew that as soon as his these comments about collusion and treason would be published, Trump would go wild — after all, Bannon exposed and ridiculed Don Jr., which is the same thing as directly attacking Trump himself. Bannon had to know that this would end his relationship with Trump.

So, the question is, why did Bannon do it? Because he believes that Trump is insufficient legal jeopardy that his days as president are numbered? Because Bannon senses “the base” whom he helped to foster and knows so well is losing faith in Trump? Or because Bannon is laying the groundwork to pivot Briebart away from Trump? I don’t know the answer but I don’t believe Bannon’s comments were unintentional.

There exists a growing body of evidence suggesting members of President Trump’s campaign and/or transition team colluded with Russia with the intent of affecting the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, lied to law enforcement officials about their actions, and/or gave false testimony to Congress with the goal of obscuring or misrepresenting their actions. It seems increasingly clear there has been a massive conspiracy by members of the president’s team to obstruct justice. Furthermore, it seems increasingly clear this conspiracy extends to some Republican members of Congress themselves.

The American people need to speak out and make it unmistakably clear that malfeasance in elected office will not be tolerated, and those who have conspired to obstruct justice will be punished. The rule of law has to count for something.