Trump Vs. Bannon: Clash Of America’s Most Unwanted

By Jason Taylor, Headline H/T, Jakki

Early today Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders described the Bannon book as “trashy tabloid fiction.” She couldn’t have come up with a better description of the Trump Administration. How well suited she is to be Trump’s press secretary.

This second-rate soap opera/reality show masquerading as the leadership of our nation is beyond embarrassing; it is downright frightening that the checks and balances of our Constitution are no longer working. Why does the Republican leadership of Congress refuse to do the right thing and relieve this destructive, dangerous ‘commander in chief ‘ of his duties? Why does the Congressional leadership seem to care more about their campaign contributors than their constituents and performing their sacred role in our nation?

This presidency is like a bar fight in the worst part of town. Drunk with power, posturing, talking smack, throwing punches and ultimately, bloodied and beleaguered having accomplished not a damn thing.

Notice how Trump never refutes anything Bannon says; instead, he just ridicules and attempts to minimize the man he previously clearly embraced as his closest advisor. Notice also that all of Trump’s other closest advisors and spokespersons, except his family members, are now gone and have been excommunicated (Manafort, Flynn, Priebus), and in every case Trump has tried, unsuccessfully, to distance himself from them as if they never had anything to do with his campaign.

There is no honor among thieves. Kind of apropos, yes?

Look, all of these people are self-serving, self-promoting media addicts. They exist to feed their egos. ‘Look at me! Look at me’! That’s Donald Trump and that’s Steve Bannon. Fox News and Breitbart use this as motivation to make money, serious money. Trump capitalized on them to get into the White House. Neither gives a hoot about anything except themselves. The millions of people that follow them have been taken for a ride.

For example. Why does Trump constantly tweet ridiculous things that jeopardize global stability and demolish US integrity? Because it pushes him to the focus of the news. Every day, there is a new Trump crisis. Bannon is the same. He was in the center of the madness and has been pushed out. So what does he do? He creates his own madness. He turned on Trump. Fitting, yes?

These two egos can’t occupy the same planet. While surprised the breakup was this swift and abrupt, I wonder if Bannon sees the handwriting on the wall with the Russian investigation. I find it highly ironic that Trump is trying to say, Steve Bannon, who pretty much ruled the roost for months during the campaign and then in the early months of the White House, was a “nothingburger” in terms of influence.

It’s easy to take joy in the pain of others, but with Trump and Bannon, no matter how delicious, it’s dangerous. Please read, “Devil’s Bargain,” a chilling new book that details how unscrupulous and unprincipled both of these characters are. Trump’s constant lies, outrageous claims, efforts to discredit the media and so on are part of his and the Republican Party’s calculated attempt to create an atmosphere of disbelieve and fantasy in which the public throws up its hands and surrenders, dismissing Trump’s lunacy as “oh, that’s just Trump.” Witness such ridiculous Trump actions as yesterday’s taking credit for air safety. This, folks, is dangerous despot territory, and we’re firmly in it already.

You can’t make this up, one psycho to another calling each other names. What a sorry state of our nation when we have a completely unhinged psycho in charge in the White House. What will it take for this GOP Congress to impeach and remove this dangerous man, the end of our nation? If they are unable or unwilling to protect this nation from this lunatic, then we the people must vote them all out for failing to do their job which they are sworn to do…protect the nation. We cannot allow this to happen. YOUR GOP is NOT more important than the nation and its people.

As Alice announced to the characters in Wonderland that they were all nothing but a deck of cards she could have been describing Trump’s administration. We all know who the Joker is, even if he thinks he is THE King. The real question is when will America wake up to reality and declare Trump a fictitious president and banish him to the trash basket where he should have been sent in 2016.