Orrin Hatch To Retire: Good Riddance

By Jason Taylor

Orrin Hatch’s retirement is good news. Good news for the nation and those who are serious about fixing the problems that hold democracy back and the people. Hatch is a self-absorbed and arrogant man. He is much like Trump. That is why they compliment and complement each other. Hatch has not had an original thought in all these many years and probably wouldn’t have one had he decided to run for re-election. He can leave with his head held high knowing that he voted for a tax cut that will be squandered on the wealthy and the privileged such as himself. He certainly forgot his roots of being the son of a simple carpenter.

“As your senator, I’ve always sought to fight for those who could not fight for themselves.” — Orrin Hatch

Like all of those poor, beleaguered millionaires and billionaires struggling and scraping by in our great nation, who will finally have a gargantuan tax cut that the rest of us will be squeezed over for decades.

I am sick to death of these elected parasites who cling like leeches to their seats and work tirelessly on behalf of the comfortable without giving a passing thought to the needs of the struggling. Oh, they’ll always lean on their homespun act, with their tales of humble roots, but at the end of the day, one need only follow the money to see what they really care about.

We have huge problems in this country unaddressed realistically by the posturing of politicians in both parties. We will look for problem solvers, not aging hacks.

Interesting that everyone now assumes that Romney will be the next Senator. Last I checked, Republicans were dropping like flies (I think Bill Shuster just announced retirement as well), Democrats took 16 seats in Virginia from Republicans, and a Democrat won in Alabama. This year is going to be an election for the history books. Trump is not exactly popular in Utah, and Mitt Romney quite shamelessly kowtowed to him in his quest for the Secretary of State position.

I realize that Utah is deep red and that Romney is a well-respected politician. I’m not his biggest fan, but I would prefer him to a Moore-esque loony-bin reject. All that said, Democrats should still contest the seat. Most of us thought Hillary was a lock for the Presidency. Don’t assume the same about Romney, especially if he makes any overtures to the now-morally bankrupt GOP. The way the wind is blowing, a Democratic win in Utah might be a surprise, but it wouldn’t be a shocker.

As a final gift to Americans Hatch delivered the tax plan which will drive a $1.5 Trillion in budget deficit and debt, putting a major strain on the services that can empower middle class and working class such as Education, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Retirement, and Environment. In addition, he was the cheerleader for rolling back the National Monuments which are the jewels of nature for all Americans to enjoy. Way to deliver for the American citizens, Mr. Hatch.

Finally, the gig has ended for Orrin Hatch. Despite the power of Hatch’s incumbency, the Salt Lake City Tribune reported in December 2017 that three-quarters of Utah voters disapproved of him running for another term. He is reviled by native American tribes, environmentalist, and a growing number of Utah voters for his effort to shrink the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase monuments.

Hatch will be remembered for sabotaging President Obama’s right to nominate Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court and for his efforts to secretly push through our nation’s tax overhaul disaster. He will also be remembered for fueling our country’s opioid crisis by making it impossible for the DEA to crack down on large-scale shipments of opioids.

Meanwhile, Hatch and Trump continue to lavishly praise each other for their “accomplishments.”

Another Republican politician beholden to our country’s plutocracy bites the dust. Wait for more to follow.