A Constitutional Crisis May Be Near

By Jason Taylor

In order to impeach a president and remove him from office, a motion to impeach must come from a member or members of the U.S. House of Representatives, usually through the committee process — and every House committee is chaired by a Republican. Then, an Article of Impeachment must be passed by a simple majority of the House — a House that is 56% Republicans. Then, House managers present the article to the U.S. Senate, which serves as a trial jury. Two-thirds of senators’ votes are required for conviction of the president and his removal from office, and this U.S. Senate consists of a 51% majority of Republicans…what does that tell you or me? How very important the 2018 mid-terms will be.

The Republicans that rushed to impeach President Clinton for perjury over his definition of sex found no such caution in seizing power.

The Republicans who believe the intelligence of America and our Allies and realize Putin used cyber-attacks, Russian troll farms and strategic social media buys to subvert the popular will of the American people, yet do nothing, have revealed themselves to be Americans third or fourth or not at all.

The subpoenas already issued, and those to come, suggests there was a wide conspiracy to break US election laws in the 2016 Presidential Election, and that Trump has already committed obstruction of justice in firing FBI Director James Comey for investigating the scandal. The American people and western democracies cannot and must not normalize the egregious behavior of a rogue nation wantonly engaging in propaganda and conspiracies to influence elections in the west.

If ever there was a case for impeachment and prosecution of all parties involved in the conspiracy to steal the election of US President, it is this one.

If our Founding Father’s could see the outrageous behavior of the Russian mafia state, or any decent administration since they would do everything in their powers to end the corruption and disgrace from within and hold foreign parties responsible.When Trump exited the Paris Agreement and returned the nation to dirty carbon fuels like coal, he was doing the bidding of Putin, as Russia benefits from climate change.

The lack of alarm in Congress and in the media is becoming alarming. It goes without saying now that Democrats need a majority in Congress to impeach, and if they get it they should, and they should not stop with Trump, but add Gorsuch and every other illegitimate lifetime appointment made by Trump. We must be as vicious and thorough in our opposition as Republicans have been craven with their gerrymandering and brazen with their now consistent encouragement for voter ID laws and other perverted methods of maintaining power being put forth by the Justice Department. The only way to be an optimist is to believe we can fix everything Trump breaks.

Is it best to wait for the results of the Mueller investigation? I don’t think so. What I don’t share, that many other political pundits do, is the reluctance to impeach Trump because his supporters would regard it as an attempted coup d’état. The Republicans certainly didn’t worry about that when they impeached Bill Clinton for stretching the truth about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Obviously, Clinton’s dissembling was a threat to neither the nation nor the planet. The same cannot be said about Trump’s never-ending list of impeachable offenses.

Both times we’ve had a president impeached it’s been for blatantly partisan reasons. it’s unlikely to be otherwise now. How we resolve the Trump crisis will determine what kind of country we are going forward.

In the history of the US only 2 of 45 presidents have been impeached (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton). Neither was convicted by the Senate and removed from office. Nixon resigned while impeachment articles were about to be presented to the House, having passed the impeachment committee. Nixon won in 1972 by one of the greatest landslides in US history and yet he resigned rather than face impeachment and trial because he knew the evidence against him was so strong. If there is similar evidence against Trump of serious transgressions there will be little political impediment to his impeachment.

Trump did not even win the popular vote. His personality may prevent him from ever resigning, but it won’t prevent his impeachment if his conduct justifies it. The Supreme Court in cases involving Nixon and Clinton has made it quite clear that no president is above the law; the views of Trump and his lawyers notwithstanding.

Trump has done things which go beyond impeachable offenses. He has sown distrust in our institutions at home and sullied our good name and leadership worldwide, taking us from the moral voice of the world to being the crazy uncle of the world, isolating us from our trusted partners for the sake of getting better “deals”. The good presidents have stood for our better angels and honored the will of all the citizens. Mr. Trump despite losing the popular vote continues to represent only the 35% of supporters and actively ignores the 55% that disagree with him.

Our system was designed to protect us from despotism, which is pretty close to what we now have, a minority leader with the power of the office and the temperament of a king. Impeachment won’t help because our next choice, Pence is a dope and next Ryan is an obfuscating elitist. The degree of dissatisfaction may bubble over as we are seeing in Iran, but likely we will have to live with it now and hope the citizens come to their senses and vote out the Republicans, the enablers of Mr. Trump, who have abandoned their fiduciary responsibilities to the all the citizens of our nation, to obtain self-serving tax cuts for the first citizens and crumbs for the de facto second-class citizens.

If we are all citizens and thus equal shareholders in our democracy, then fixing the rules to benefit the rich is treasonous. Our fail-safe electoral college failed, Republicans shirked duty, a constitutional crisis may be near.

Let’s be crystal clear about something. It is not a question of whether or not Trump has committed impeachable offenses. It is a question of how long the majority of us Americans are going to tolerate Congress refusing to impeach Trump for the serious 5+ breaches of federal law. That’s not including all the evidence already there for the Russian collusion/treason issue. On top of that, even if Trump didn’t commit any impeachable offenses, that doesn’t mean his obvious lack of moral and/or ethical behavior via the clear racism and sexism shouldn’t constitute as a reason for impeachment.

Many Americans, such as I believe the 2016 election was essentially a bloodless coup, with the government taken by fraud, misinformation, and manipulation. The results are obviously destructive to our struggle to build a better country for future generations.

Whatever political machinations are necessary, get this miscreant out of the White House before he burns it the ground.