Many Think Trump Is Unbalanced — I Think He’s Manipulative To A Fault

By Jason Taylor

When the Trump Interview with the New York Times broke Thursday night, I was amazed at how nonchalant the president was about his future. Maybe the better word is, stunned. Let’s forget the alternate reality stuff, which is bad enough. And his braggadocio, which is almost comical at this point — like a bad punch line. What critics were critiquing as only they can do was Trump’s claim that he has “absolute power over the Justice Department, including the initiation of or halting investigations.”

Say what? Which of his lawyers, a colorful bunch to be sure, gave him that idea?

Donald Trump does nothing in a vacuum, and I suspect that much of what he said was designed to self-protect for future actions while firing up his base.

So all these words about Robert Mueller being “fair” sounded like a veiled threat. As well as his fixation with the word “collusion”, one count was 15 times. “Everybody knows there’s no collusion,” he kept repeating in a closed loop. Declaring innocence on a matter of great import is clearly driving him mad. As is, the fact he really doesn’t know (and nor do we) what investigators are finding. It all feels like a very bad movie, ominous and threatening.

There is nothing wrong with investigating when it appears that a foreign nation may have interfered in our democracy. The biggest thing at this time that makes us look bad in the eyes of the world is Trump himself. It has been shown that there was contact between members of Trump’s team and Russia, the question that needs to be answered is did Russia do anything that would have affected our democracy. People seem to forget that the Watergate investigation took a year and a half, so this investigation needs to make sure they don’t make any mistakes and that could take a little longer.

“I have absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department,” 

Therein lies the exact thought process of every dictator: the use of law enforcement as his own police force that will do his bidding at his command. In point of fact, he is impotent at this stage because the “polls” and his “ratings” are down and going down farther. If he were to use this “power” the only thing to prevent an uprising in the 2016 elections would be to suspend the election process altogether, like all other Banana Republic Dictators. Trump does not have the guts to do that.

Trump says incredibly foolish things, but they often have tiny grains of truth. (ie, the media loves him for the ratings he brings…remember the non-stop coverage of his campaign speeches during 2016?) Trump doesn’t feel alive unless he’s in conflict with someone or something. And/or unless he is in the spotlight, getting attention, being ‘admired’. His lies trip off his tongue so readily I doubt he even realizes it. The New York Times interview highlights all of these traits. Yet another of many examples of our showboat -schoolboy -liar-babbler in chief who does indeed make the US look bad.

Our president, in his own words. Uneducated and without the ability to reflect deeply on anything, he reverts to the speech patterns of some combination of a gangster, con man, and small business owner with delusions of grandeur. This would be funny if it were not so scary and sad.

“Later, Trump added that he knows more about “the big bills” debated in the Congress “than any president that’s ever been in office.”

I don’t understand how the United States of America continues to tolerate a president capable of uttering the above quote. I could throw in more quotes from this brief interview that are just as damning. As an extremely, critically concerned American, I just can’t fathom how such a deeply and transparently unfit person is able to persist in the oval office and carry the mantle of world’s most powerful person.

History is not dead, and current events will be looked back on. How will America deal with the reality that this foolish man with childlike understanding persisted as her president? My vocabulary fails me in trying to express my fear and outrage.

Let’s face it, Trump isn’t leaving anytime soon, but we, the true believers of American values can make him a lame duck executive in the near term. Let’s make his life miserable by making sure he cannot bully his way to get his way. Then during the final two years, or less, we can put him on trial, expose him for the fraud he is, and forever tarnish the Trump name and brand.

Allow me to defer to the president’s style. He makes America look very, very bad.