November 6, 2018: ‘Make No Mistake It’s Not Revenge We’re After It’s A Reckoning’

By Jason Taylor

As the prospect of national voter outrage becomes translated into imminent House- and Senate-cleaning in November, relations among Trump’s advisers, other Republicans, and their allies will only grow more angry and frantic. This well-deserved, well-earned congressional thrashing and their reaction to it will be fun beyond description to watch.

The problem for the Republicans next year is not that the President is “not being well served.” It is rather that Trump is a sociopath, a pathological liar, a moronic buffoon, and a sex offender, and that these facts are now apparent to most of the American people, including a substantial portion of those who voted for him. No change in strategy can possibly compensate for Trump’s fixed personality disorder and its consequences.

One of the biggest issues of 2018 will be how many voters realize just how much of an abomination the tax bill really is. The fact that Congress rammed that bill through with lightning speed and no real hearings to speak of is also telling as to how bad it will be years from now and an insult to the democratic process we should have had.

It should be a punishing electoral year for the Republicans as they have revealed themselves to be who they are as a party and what they stand for.

We hate deficits — oh, no that was when the Democrats were a majority and a black man was president. Now, we don’t mind, do we, Senator Corker? I will get rid of carried interest…..oh, wait, Mr. Trump, you promised that, but didn’t mean it. We love families….whoops we don’t have money for the Children’s Health Program since we don’t have any money (we gave it to the richest and the corporations). We’ll create loopholes for real estate businesses — gosh Mr. President, didn’t you say this bill wouldn’t help you. Tax cuts for all — well more many, but of course, ours expire in a couple years, those for the wealthiest and the corporations don’t. And on and on.

This was 0.1% Donor ‘Tax Reform’, written for, by and with the billionaire/oligarch class and shoved through Congress in a patently undemocratic fashion under the cover of darkness, ignorance and psychopathic greed.

Sure, some dumb voters will fooled by a few dollars bills that Republicans threw to the impoverished masses, but as healthcare gets undermined, Medicare and Social Security get attacked, as tRump’s Environmental Pollution Agency continues to poison the soil, water, and air, as education costs rise, as the nation’s infrastructure continues to crumble, and as internet neutrality guts the last level playing field for Americans, many Americans will wake up to the Trump-GOP fleecing of America.

Poetic justice will be played out next year, as very angry voters, go after any incumbent politician from dog catcher up to the top levels of state government and Congress.

When people notice their smaller paychecks, because their state took more of it, because their federal AGI went up, the chickens will come home to roost. And, if they did not fill out a new W4, they are in for a rude awakening, in 2019, when they owe more federal taxes, and have to pay a penalty to not only the federal government but their state, as well. And, when they are told one day, their job is going away, because it is cheaper to take the business savings, and hire more offshore workers, or send jobs offshore. Then in late 2018, when those using Obamacare, will find out their premiums will nearly double, and they will have even fewer insurance options, because of the Republicans getting rid of the mandate.

If that does not make people mad, wait until 2021, when they can no longer deduct medical expenses. And, sooner for those on Medicare, when that is cut. And, my favorite, extending chained CPI to Social Security, to fax the $1,500,000,000,000 deficit the GOP is about to create. So, if anyone decides they should not vote or decides to vote for the very people who created this mess, they should not complain, as they got the government they truly deserve. But, not voting spites millions of innocent victims, because voters voting party-line votes, because they are too lazy, and ignorant, to do otherwise.

With the damage that will be done to everyone, other than the wealthiest in the US along with the wealthy GOP legislators who voted for this legislation who will also benefit, 2018 should be a banner year for the opposition.

13 million could get sick and/or die without health insurance due to their callous actions. And 83 million of us will be taxed more before the legislation ends without the concrete promise of continuance. And with Ryan’s and Brady’s promise to pay off the deficit with taking away entitlements are next. How about carried interest for Wall Street, which Gary Cohn promised?Trump lied again, and will grossly benefit from his loopholes including jets, pass through real estate, and golf courses? And the effuse fealty paid to Trump by the GOP legislators was nothing short of disgusting when other human beings who are Americans are being thrown out in the street for their monetary gains.

Trump minions will cheer as their benefits are cut, believing that Those People will finally be held accountable. Then they will blame Democrats for cutting their benefits. They will see no contradiction in these actions and will continue to vote for Republicans because they believe Democrats are in league with the devil.

We can’t change their minds, they’re like the walking dead. We have to out-vote them. It should be easy, but it won’t. We have a lot of work to do.

McConnell says that if the GOP cannot sell this bogus tax plan to Americans, they should find another line of work. For those in the GOP up for mid-term elections in 2018, may I suggest learning the following phrases- “paper or plastic”? and “would you like fries with that”?