Trump’s Henchmen In Congress And The Far-Right Media Are On The Attack, Their Target; Robert Mueller

By Jason Taylor

Any Republican attempting to undermine the integrity of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation by stating the investigation is slanted, biased or tainted in any way should look no further than the recent firing of an individual who was part of the investigative team and was caught texting anti-Trump remarks to someone — and immediately and promptly fired by Robert Mueller’s team.

That episode (from last week) ought to make it clear to everyone — Democrats and Republicans that Robert Mueller is conducting an unbiased investigation and will fire anyone who compromises that integrity. Robert Mueller is a patriot and the investigation will continue unsullied until completed. The question isn’t do people have a bias, its whether people have the integrity to do their jobs despite them. In Trump’s worldview that sort of integrity doesn’t exist, so he and some of his supporters & sycophants couldn’t even imagine its possible to do both.

So voting against Mr. Trump in a general election, or being for his opponent, is grounds for dismissal? When did political fealty to one side or the other become a requirement to serve in law enforcement agencies? Are we in a democracy that is beginning to behave more like a dictatorship?

We are heading straight into a constitutional crisis, you can book it. The difference between Nixon and Trump, in the end, was that Nixon was a lawyer and recognized that within the rule of law he knew and understood, the jig was up. With Trump, no such knowledge, understanding or concern exists. Trump has always played the legal system, his entire life, and won. There is not an iota of life experience Trump has that the law has negative consequences that cannot be readily ignored or surmounted. We are getting into deep water, fast.

Obviously, Mueller is hitting a nerve, Trump and the GOP are in panic mode lashing out desperately fighting over emails on a government server where there is no expectation of privacy.

“There are plenty of F.B.I. agents and prosecutors who have not been politically involved on behalf of Democrats or overtly critical of the president that can serve in this important investigation,” Mr. Cornyn said.

He added: “So I have confidence in Director Mueller. I would just think he would be concerned about the appearance of conflicts of interest that would undermine the integrity of the investigation.”

So Mr. Cornyn, should we also look at the political bias of any republicans working on the investigation?

To question the integrity of the FBI is deplorable. Everyone has an opinion on all matters, but to say that although they may have political affiliation either left or right and cannot work impartially is an insult. Unlike the House and Senate, whose loyalties lie with whoever pays them the most, these agents are trained to put political and personal bias aside.

We all wish that our elected officials acted the same. But the current tax bill, the constant attempts to defund the ACA and their refusal to even talk about gun control prove that they are more concerned about the money they get from lobbyists, than what their constituents want.

I am sure that there were numerous employees in the FBI and various other government agencies during the Obama years, who did not like Obama and did not vote for him. That did not hinder their ability to do their jobs. Both Democrats and Republicans support the United States of America and are able to work in government even if “their” candidate did not get elected. Trump’s attitude seems to be that everyone has to love him to be able to work in government and that everyone else is an enemy.

This is a dangerous attitude to have since most government employees are not fired every time a different party wins the White House. They all support the country as a whole, not necessarily the current inhabitant of the White House. Trump’s belief that all must love him is dangerous to our country.

As the obviously orchestrated campaign to discredit Robert Mueller escalates, it’s clear to me there has to be a pressing motivation to get so many Republican senators, who once supported Mueller, to reverse their position on such spurious allegations of bias on the part of just a few Mueller staffers, only one of whom remains on his team.

Why are they doing this as Mueller’s investigation continues to bore deeper into the White House? After all, so many of them must truly detest Trump behind closed doors and know the danger he poses to our country. And several must also be concerned about voter backlash should they manage to strong-arm a premature end to the investigation. So what on earth could be driving them at this juncture?

I think their owners, the donor class, for whom they’re poised to pass those massive middle-class tax increases, are behind the drum beat. It’s become more and more likely that the 2018 midterms are going to go badly for the Republicans given the degree of anger among the electorate and the recent Republican defeats in New Jersey, Virginia, and Alabama. Should the Democrats take back the House and Senate next year, it’s likely they would repeal large tracts of the Republican tax bill. To prevent that from happening, the donor class needs trump to stay in office to veto any repeal sent to him for his signature.

Once again, the strings of our country are being pulled by the oligarchs. And the future of our fragile democracy hangs in the balance.