Dear Alabama: “It’s Never Too Late To Do The Right Thing”

By Jason Taylor

Roy Moore and the GOP remind me of Warren Jeffs and the FLDS cult that fiercely protected him. They never accepted that Jeffs did horrible things to their young girls and they remain committed to their religion and Jeffs despite significant evidence to the contrary. FLDS believes their religion is superior to others.

Todays GOP has become a cult, too, in that they refuse to accept criticism of their dear leaders, Trump and Moore, and are in denial that they committed disgusting acts against women and young girls. They remain fiercely committed to the mantra of neo-Conservatism and the belief that any Republican candidate is superior to a Democrat. We are truly at a low point in American political history.

Roy Moore is an accused pedophile running for Senate who has openly declared that America was last great during the time when slavery was a still a thing. Let that sink in for a moment.

How cheap of Trump to say that Doug Jones would be a Pelosi/Schumer “puppet.” To begin with, Trump supports Moore by arguing that he should have the Senate seat to pass Republicans’ legislation – in other words, to be a Trump/McConnell puppet. Then, Congressional Democrats from Conservative states like Montana and West Virginia don’t vote in lockstep with their party. Once again, Trump is charging someone else for something he needn’t look past his nose to see.

This is a pivotal election in the history of our nation. It’s not a choice between Democrat and Republican. It’s a choice between fascism and liberty. It’s a choice between decency and disgust. It’s a choice between ignorance and understanding. It’s a choice between racism and equality.

How can this even be a choice? That’s how far down our nation has fallen. That the polls are not registering a massive lead for Doug Jones reveals that fascism, disgust, ignorance, and racism are alive and thriving in America.

All of these failings reside within the confines of the Republican party. They have all found a home there. We fought wars to eliminate these threats from invading our shores and yet they prosper within them. The president got elected recruiting them. Shame on us. And shame on the state of Alabama if they select such a despicable shadow of a man named Roy Moore.

When hate, bigotry, racism, and perversion become the new moral high ground in our nation, then we have truly become a lost nation, devoid of decency, respect, and integrity. Not what a civilized society subscribes to, nor what we would want our future generations to learn from our footprint in history. America once deplored people like this, now they embrace them and cheer them. Hitler too was cheered until he destroyed his own country. Did we not learn something from the lessons of history?

For an outsider watching this state during this time, it is hard to believe the calendar on my wall being nearly 2018, and having someone as poorly suited for one of the highest level jobs in the state running for office, and not just unashamed, but brazenly.

The distrust most citizens and voters have about the honesty and integrity of our senators (and representatives) is only borne further by Moore not even trying to hide his bigotry or to apologize for his past. At a time when elected senators are being forced out of office, this state is trying to send a likely pedophile to Washington. I just hope karma is real and Moore gets to stay home.

It’s a lose-lose situation for Republicans.

1.) They lose the seat to Jones.

2.) They have an outwardly racist, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-semitic GOP Senator credibly accused of inappropriate sexual behavior with teenage girls. In 2017.

Either way, this race very well may signal the beginning of the end of the Republican party as we know it. And they have no one except themselves and their pathetic, mentally unstable, sexual assaulter, weak, immoral, pathological liar of a president to blame.

November 2018 can’t come soon enough.