Tuesday Will Mark The Beginning Of The End Of The GOP… No Matter The Outcome

By Jason Taylor

The rise of Roy Moore is not surprising. We have a man who is President of the United States who questioned the heritage of the first African-American president. What is surprising is that Alabama, if voters elect him, will believe in the GOP so much that a person like Moore is chosen to represent them.

When Trump spoke at the Moore rally, he had passion. When Trump spoke at the Civil Rights Museum in Mississippi, he lacked passion. This is not spin, it is insight into race and power. Some in our country were so angered and threatened by the progress America was making with Obama that they felt that the old guard — namely white privilege and southern pride — must be upheld at all cost. I hope Moore loses, but he probably will not. If Moore is elected to the Senate, I am afraid of what this will say about us as Americans.

If Doug Jones wins, it would be a blow to Republicans that they may not be able to recover from. I think Moore will win though — by hook or by crook. It would actually be better for Republicans if he lost. There will have to be an ethics inquiry in the Senate that would have to get very ugly with all the invective coming from Trump, Moore, and others. Then the election would get thrown back to Alabama but without Moore. On the other hand, the complete lack of any principles in Senate Republicans may very well mean that they would seat Moore, child molester and all.

A bigoted, sexist, racist culture is on display in Alabama. This election is less about Roy Moore and Donald Trump — their reputations precede them — than it is about the people of Alabama. It’s about whether they can practice what they preach. It’s about whether the men choose to remain boys and whether the women choose to teach their daughters that self-respect is more important than money and power. It’s about whether they can learn to live off of their cultural plantation and become self-reliant human beings.

If Moore wins it will show the continuing success of the GOP’s position that a candidate’s character is irrelevant as long as she/he can be counted upon to vote straight party line.

Meanwhile Democrats assemble the circular firing squad at the first allegation against any of their own.

The mere fact that the religious conservatives in Alabama continue to vote on party lines reflect their moral corruption. If they were truly concerned about their constitutional rights, the well being of their families, the economy, why is it Alabamans continue to vote in Republicans who have kept their state-ranked 47th in health, education, and jobs for decades?

These are people who relish in ignorance, who talk about faith and morality but ignore the corruption underneath their noses. They’re so concerned about being turned gay by baking a cake or jackbooted federals taking away their guns, meanwhile the donor class they keep putting into office keep them in social, economic and mental shackles.

The strength of Roy Moore’s candidacy is appalling in its own right, but it’s merely one note in a mournful dirge that has become the theme song of the Republican Party. Everything their president touches is befouled, whether it’s health care, tax reform or supporting a likely pedophile for Senator. In the same way that they publicly held their noses while accepting this idiot president as their man, they will do the same when it comes to Roy Moore. If they do rebel and resist Moore, it will only be because public outcry makes them worry about losing future elections, not because he offends their nonexistent sensibilities.

The reason Republicans are hocking their souls to this disgusting president is that it gives them an excuse to enact their hateful agenda. They truly despise the old, the sick and the poor, who, according to Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, waste public dollars on “booze, women, and movies.”

Destroying the social safety net while it enriches billionaires is fundamental to their worldview. If a pervert like Roy Moore—or the president—can help in their holy quest, then so be it. Meanwhile, we’re ditching a Democrat like Al Franken, whose “crimes” don’t even move the needle on the Richter scale of perverted sexual abuse attributed to Roy Moore or equally disgusting crimes certified by the president’s own admission. I don’t see how we can emerge from this political cesspit. There’s literally no clean place to stand.

The GOP has, for twenty plus years, been nothing more than a specious marketing campaign purporting to be a political party. Their aim is not to help people, but to rule over them, control them and profit from them. They have used the basest instincts of their followers to gain power. The GOP does not care one bit about abortion or gun rights or school prayer — they care about using those issues in a way that lets them dominate the electorate and legislate their pro-business concepts. It’s a well-funded scam of immense proportions.

I just love all of these self-proclaimed “red-blooded Americans” who are more afraid of Democrats than Russians.