When Will This Political Nightmare Be Over?

By Jason Taylor

Seventy percent of the American public awaken each morning with a feeling of dread. We need relief from this constant anxiety. If Trump’s not backing a pedophile for the Senate, he’s giving away our national landmarks to the giant corporations. And that’s just this week.

Donald Trump enjoys being “the most talked-about human on the planet” and is “delighted when he sees his name in the headlines. And he is on a perpetual quest to see it there.” This sums up his level of narcissism, for which he will pay a dear price one day. What’s unsettling is “his tenuous grasp of facts, jack-rabbit attention span and propensity for conspiracy theories.” He insists on shaping “his own reality,” like claiming he won the popular vote etc. This is another sign of a mental disorder.

Trump won’t ever be taken seriously until he acts like a serious President instead of a petulant child. His demeaning tweets don’t instill confidence and conviction. His attempted takedowns of Lil Bob Corker and other Congressional leaders are an embarrassment. His continued denigration of Muslims is appalling. His lack of empathy for people is troublesome. And the list goes on.

It drives me crazy when journalists say Trump is “redefining” the Presidency or the like, because it implies that he is a maverick or something, that he actually has a plan and his “unique”, shall I say, “approach” is something that might be adopted by another in the future. I think it’s pretty obvious he’s just lumbering along, making it up as he goes along, because he is incapable of doing anything else, and that he doesn’t HAVE A CLUE what he’s doing. Nor does he care to find out what he should be doing or surround himself with people who do and will help him, instead of sycophants and enablers. There is no legitimizing what he is doing. It’s a mess, a travesty, a disaster. It’s embarrassing, and it’s frightening.

I think a large majority of people, below their surface outrage, are hanging with clawed fingers onto the hope that we will survive this relatively unscathed and that it won’t get even worse. I know I am. It’s a nightmare. No, even though he had big talk about being a new kind of President, he hasn’t planned it. He’s winging it, and we are at the mercy of his impetuous, narcissistic nature and ignorance. God help us, and the rest of the world, for that matter.

I don’t think Trump is capable of sympathy or empathy for others. He has no respect for humans or human life. He is programmed to just want adulation. Trump has brought this country into some of its darkest days. He has brought out the worst of the GOP. He is a sexual predator that should be forced to resign because there are dozens of women already and probably more who have reported abuse by him. If Senator Franken resigned because of a handful of women, why has there not been a huge groundswell for Trump to resign?

The only thing Trump is good at, is opportunism, as in using the White House and his position for personal gain and monetary reward which I thought was against the law, but oh, he is trying to change the law. He is great at using other people’s money for himself and amassing huge debt. He did it with his companies and drove them into bankruptcy and then used the bankruptcy laws and the financial markets to get out of the debt and he is driving this country into financial ruin. He has obstructed justice and divided this country, he is a racist, a sexist, a misogynist and a compulsive liar.

Trump doesn’t drink because of his older brother, Fred, who would have been heir to Trump Enterprises instead of Donald, drank himself to death at the ripe old age of 42, same age as Elvis, another compulsive. Donald instead became drunk with power. As one can see, he succeeded royally and continues to lead his blind disciples to believe anything he says no matter how outlandish. Trump, a genuine demagogue, revels in this adulation.

His bloated ego, like his waistline, knows no bounds. Blown all out of proportion, Trump is embarked on a mission, to take this nation and the world to the brink. Thanks to the Founders myopic reasoning we are saddled with a leader who received three million fewer votes than his opponent. America is the cause of this problem, a conundrum which looks to be unsolvable due to the apathetic nature of its electorate.

Friday, a self-confessed sexual predator endorsed an accused child molester to be the next senator from Alabama. That this scenario is even remotely possible shows us and the world how low Alabama and the United States has sunk. Making America Grate on the rest of the world.

Trump knows he is not qualified to do this job, he is filled with anxiety and it is expressed as anger on a daily basis. He doesn’t understand government or international relations, and his images of his own citizens are distorted by a lifetime of prejudice. He was elected because he is a useful tool, and because he appealed to the anger and hatred from his of a popular black President, and because of an extensive assault on Hillary Clinton’s character and experience. He knows he isn’t as good as others, but he denies it and expresses that denial in his daily tweets.

Trump is not redefining what it means to be President. That is just plain silly. He is just doing a terrible job of leading this country. He is doing his best to polarize the country for his selfish aims. And he is a terrible Commander-in-Chief. By failing to take the Russian intervention in our past election seriously, he is diminishing our defenses against our enemies.

Trump is providing a lesson in what a failure looks like.