Franken Forced Out By Mob Rule Led By Saint Gillibrand

By Jason Taylor

Senator Al Franken’s resignation is not a victory for anyone except his enemies or those who will profit from his absence. His intellectual power, his wisdom, his articulate defense of important issues and lucid questioning of adversaries is lost. This will be remembered as the runaway train pairing social media, constant news reporting and not vetting nor probing claims. Accusations are not proof of action. If claims were enough, our courts would be in shambles. This is equal to the use of a suspicion to result in women in other countries being imprisoned or stoned.

Senator Franken has a right to defend himself and say he did not do all of these things. He had a right to an ethics probe but instead he was slammed by women who victimized him and hounded by social media and journalists who jumped on an “any news is worth promoting and speculating on”. Sadly what I see here is mob rule this time led by women.

The charges against Senator Franken, even if true should not warrant his expulsion or stepping down. The left is playing right into the extreme right’s hands … in essence eating their own young. The reaction to the overconscientious political correctness (as seen in the Senators who asked for Franken’s resignation) of the left was a large factor in Trump’s election victory. They appear to be shooting themselves in the foot, again.

News next week: Roy Moore elected to Senate. And this is what justice looks like? Not to me. Not only will Republicans get their bigoted senator from Alabama, but they got to take out one of their staunchest critics at the same time. Don’t worry. Democrats, you can enjoy the view from the absolutist moral high ground and watch the world burn from there. I hope idealism keeps us all warm in years to come when Social Security is gone and Medicaid a distant experiment of a bygone generation. Democrats need lions, not sacrificial lambs.

Franken is neither a predator nor a sexual abuser. If the Democrats are seeking to throw him to the wolves as some kind of sacrificial lamb to save the party they are as bad as the GOP. There are few men who have not behaved stupidly towards women at some point in their lives, and no person, man or woman, is without faults — some of them pretty major. What we do know about Al Franken is that he is a caring, compassionate, intelligent man who has worked incredibly hard for the citizens of Minnesota and for the country as a whole. We need him more than we need to appease the current witch-hunting hysteria.

The Democrats have made a serious mistake. They have gotten caught up in this lynch mob mentality where every man needs worry about any woman making an allegation whether valid or not that may end his career with no sense of due process and justice being accorded. This is the Salem Witch Trials personified. How would Gillibrand and her other female Senators feel were we to take them back to Salem Massachusetts circa the 1600’s? What they did to Al Franken yesterday is a modern version of such horrific nonsense. I hope these women and men of the Senate who stabbed Al Franken in the back receive Justice from their supporters when it comes time for their re-election. They should be ashamed of what they did.

Politics is a blood sport but when they decided to spill the blood of one of their own that is sheer masochism and hypocrisy of the highest order.