The Worst America Has To Offer: Donald Trump And Michael Flynn

By Jason Taylor

Can it get any worse for the crooks that inhabit our White House? Yes, it’s “our White House”. It’s not a profit center for the Trump family or those who care so little about their reputations that they decided to hook their lives to the ultimate con man.

This is beyond anything done by anyone in any previous administration. Just remember, the GOP impeached a sitting President because he mislead about a perfectly legal- if immoral- relationship with an intern. Even when compared to Nixon- hush money- what Donald Trump and his family and friends have done is nothing short of the rape of our country. We have an entire administration which at every turn seems motivated by one thing- the economic betterment of Donald Trump, friends and family. Disgusting.

Week one Trump asked the State Department to come up with a Unilateral Plan to remove Russian Sanctions. The State Department was alarmed and notified McCain and Congress Members. This lead to new Russian Sanctions and Congressional Control to be Enacted 10/1 but still hasn’t been implemented. When will Republicans in Congress hold this President and his Administration to account?

They fail every day at governing and reigning in Trump. We must make 2018 a real reckoning for the GOP. A Quid pro quo, the Lifting of Russian Sanctions, a Change to the Republican Platform on Ukraine and pro-Russia policies, in return for Dirt on Hillary Clinton, Emails, Disinformation Campaign, and targeting of Fake News, Bots, and Trolls. Mr. Mueller is working quietly, diligently to locate and charge the guilty.

This revelation, along with the growing evidence of the planned kidnapping of Fetullah Gulen, increasingly suggest that Flynn and other members of the administration were directly selling policy decisions to foreign governments. I can’t decide if I am more horrified by the abjectly corrupt and treasonous behavior that Flynn and others engaged in, or surprised that they thought they could get away with it.

The “Russia Investigation,” as most refer to it broadly, is quickly becoming the single greatest scandal in US history; more important and dangerous than Teapot Dome, Watergate, and Credit Mobilier combined. I wish that were hyperbole, but it’s not every day that a former general literally, LITERALLY, sell US foreign policy decisions to the highest bidder. I increasingly suspect that this is also what happened during the campaign, and why Flynn felt free to behave this way during the administration; Trump & Co. weren’t blackmailed by the Russian government, they were literally bribed (with cash) and were promised the White House.

Communicating with Russians was as normal for Trump as getting up in the morning. That’s why he doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. That’s why he keeps saying Flynn is a good guy and doesn’t deserve to have his life blown up just because he communicated with the Russians.

Still, the truly remarkable aspect of this story is how everyone in TrumpWorld defines criminality for everyone else (Clintons) but refuses to recognize why their own behavior is criminal. And 63 million, maybe a few less now, are willing to accept Trump’s assessment of the Clintons without evidence and will continue to refuse to acknowledge the existence of evidence implicating Trump, Flynn, Manafort, Kushner, Trump Jr etc…

That such a large portion of the American electorate can be persuaded so easily when there is no evidence but cannot be persuaded at all when there is a mountain of evidence does not bode well for the future of American democracy.

Russia commits an act of war against the US, and the GOP administration and Congress do what? A slap on the wrist? They’ve gotten their collective 30 pieces of silver for betraying the Constitution – the White House. Russia got a president willing to tear up and devolve most of the capabilities and policies of the federal government that keeps us strong in the world and as a country. On top of that, a tax bill that will bankrupt the country and/or makes the middle-class and poor poorer, reduce educational programming, etc. And do we think the GOP Congress will act on any indication of high crimes and misdemeanors? Hah!

Somewhere in Moscow, a guy named Vladimir is smiling… it’s all going rather well, isn’t it?

When history is written it will show that the Trump presidency, if we all survive to see the end, had been the most incompetent and destructive presidency in the history of our country. But, we can’t not only blame him, let’s blame his enablers, the leaders of the Republican Party, and more than 60 million Americans who voted for him.