The Only Institution In “Tatters” Is Donald Trump’s Presidency

By Jason Taylor

This is perhaps the saddest and sorriest time in our history to date. We have managed to elect a man who is so paranoid and void of all sort of decencies. In addition, he must believe that everyone is crazy and that he is the only one that is sane, or he is extremely devious and dangerous. We need to find what his outlook really is.

There is no sense in all these praises from heads of state, congressmen, former attorney generals, etc., speaking of the virtues of the F.B.I. in terms of character, principles, ethics, morals, honesty or integrity especially of Mr. Comey or Mr. Strzok’s performance while on duty. Mr. Trump does not understand these qualities because he does not possess them. As a President, these qualities are essential to ensure balance and fairness to our country.

Many times I think that Trump’s tweets are just political theater but this time he has gone off the rails. To disparage the men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day is shameful.

Trump feels the walls closing in around him. It’s the first time in his life he’s not going to be able to slide out of his lying, dishonesty, and criminal behavior by throwing his money at an issue. He won’t be able to throw $25 million at people he bilked like he did with Trump University and walk away from it. The FBI doesn’t take cash. He won’t be able to crush small businessmen by not paying them or forcing them to take ten cents on the dollar. Unlike the ex-wives who took a buy out to get out of their marriages with him, Mueller isn’t going to accept a bribe to keep quiet.

Trump is mentally unstable, to begin with, and his inferiority complex covered up by his arrogant stances and bullying aren’t going to be enough this time. He’s the lunatic old man and he’s going down and he knows it. He’s lashing out at the FBI because he knows that they know he’s rotten to the core and they are going to expose him and rot-filled family and administration for what they are — traitorous misfits.

Now, we are supposed to believe that Trump’s lawyer sends out a tweet on Trump’s account that basically admitted to Trump’s obstruction of justice. A professional lawyer making such a blunder would be incompetent to the extent of needing to be disbarred before he does any more harm to clients. The more likely explanation is that Trump in his usual style went off the wall and the lawyer knowing what Trump just did decide that the only way to save his client was to lie and take responsibility for Trump’s fatal mistake. Having been informed of the true nature and seriousness of his mistake, Trump now is going into an all-out lashing out to try and make it go away.

When you have a so-called President who shot to political stardom on a racist Birther Lie, you have a problem. When you have a so-called President who calls the press ‘the enemy of the people’ — as Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin did — you have a problem. When you have a so-called President who trashes the truth in favor of his own megalomaniacal lies, you have an existential problem. When you have a so-called President trashing the nation’s leading law enforcement and crime-fighting force, you don’t really have a President. When you a Gas-Lighter-In-Chief instead of a thoughtful leader in the Oval Office, you need to remove the political and Constitutional poison before it causes irreparable damage.

The people who voted for Trump really need to examine their consciences, their intellects, their brains, their ears, and their eyes and stop voting for Republican Know Nothings promising them the moon under an umbrella of white spite and beautiful tax cuts.

You voted for a Psychiatric-Patient-In-Chief to represent you.

The nation needs a President…not a psycho.