Dear World: President Of The United States, Donald J. Trump Has Endorsed A Child Molester

By Jason Taylor

What has become of this country when an accused child molester is the preferred choice over a candidate from the opposite party? It seems there is no greater enemy today in America than those with whom you cannot agree. Ask any Trump supporter: even the Russians are more palatable than the Democrats. Sadly, this phenomenon is regularly ignited by our very own President — the most divisive figure in America today. He not only thrives on a nation in turmoil, it’s his strategy to divide, conquer, and destroy every group of individuals, ideology, or institution that conflicts with his agenda.

Trump has demonstrated with his behavior and his tweets that he has no moral compass, has limited knowledge and intelligence, is delusional, is vindictive, is petty, is frequently untruthful and lacks any modicum of decency. No redeeming values whatsoever. Yes, I would love his endorsement if I was running for some political office only if I was an accused child molester. I don’t know how these guys show their faces in public. But retaining that Senate seat is obviously the most important thing above all other considerations to Trump. And now (more recently) to McConnell as well who seems to have backed off his earlier rebuke of Moore.

Is anyone really surprised? Donald Trump and Roy Moore ARE the modern-day Republican Party.

The President’s and Republican Party leadership’s endorsement of Roy Moore is an unsurprising confirmation that the Party’s post-2012 election post-mortem (“Growth and Opportunity Project,” 2013) was insincere propaganda in regard to the Party’s need to appeal to more types of Americans. In fact, their ideology seems more in line with the fight song of London’s Millwall Football Club: “No one likes us. We don’t care.”

So the Republicans fall in line, what else is new? Right? Did anyone doubt that the party that appointed a President from the Bench and stole a Supreme Court seat in plain sight would have any problem getting behind someone who – except for the statute of limitations- should be wearing an orange jumpsuit and sleeping 12” from his toilet.

These days we lock people up for downloading a picture of an underage person, and Moore has numerous accusations of underage girls accusing him of everything from giving alcohol to a minor to sexual assault. What is even Moore galling is that people who claim to be followers of Jesus will be the most vocal and loyal supporters of this man. Then imagine McConnell giving him a seat on the Judiciary Committee despite his history of judicial misconduct.

Our democracy is in deep danger and this soap opera of political corruption and dysfunction shows no sign of abating. There will come a point when even the most lowbrow, low information voter/citizen will have had enough, but a lot of people will have been seriously harmed by then.

What did we expect? That Trump would somehow become a functioning human being and act in the interests of justice and decency? We have reached the point where to report on this destruction of our country by this criminal and his accomplices cannot be served by traditional media standards of balance. You can’t apply balance to the kakistocracy, so the best thing that you can do in the service of democracy is to call out and condemn the crime being perpetrated on all of us and trumpet the call of resistance.

“Better a child molester than a Democrat.” That’s what the nation has come to.