Living In The Shadow Of President Obama, Trump Continues To Dig His Own Grave

By Jason Taylor

It is no longer whether several members of Trump’s campaign team, transition team and administration lied about Russian interactions. It is why? Russia wanted sanctions lifted but what did the Trump team get in the quid pro quo.

Obama understood the serious nature of the Russian interference in the elections. The TRUMP team did not, does not and will not recognize this vital fact. KT McFarland is partially correct- Obama did box Trump in diplomatically with the sanctions, etc.. (This was a brilliant move.) It also set the stage for the big coverup. At some point, the F.B.I had Flynn under surveillance. It’s not the Logan Act, it’s the COVERUP/OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE that is becoming more obvious every day. It’s classic Obama taking Trump to school.

In a discussion period at a leadership forum, the former president was asked about his wife Michelle’s comments this week during a speech in Toronto, when she said it was not a good idea to “tweet from bed,” an obvious commentary on Trump’s early morning Twitter habit.

“Michelle was giving the general idea . . . don’t say the first thing that pops in your head. Have a little bit of an edit function,” he said. “Think before you speak, think before you tweet.”

The former president got a laugh when he pointed out that he has 100 million followers — “more than other people who use it more often.” Actually, Trump has 44 million followers, Obama 97 million.

The infamous questions are now pertinent: What did the President know and when did he know it? Moreover, if there was actual “collusion” in working with Russia to lift the Obama sanctions or even to veto the U.N. sanctions on Israel, is this a crime? There has been much discussion of the Logan Act of 1799 as being irrelevant and rarely enforced. One has to assume that Michael Flynn has more to offer given how light his indictment was and the tenuous legality of the Logan Act concerning collusion.

Hopefully, this will soon become clear as the investigation has now entered the White House and the very inner circle around the president. One has to believe that Robert Mueller knows that a much stronger case will have to be made to persuade the public, and especially the Republican-controlled Congress to consider articles of impeachment.

There is a measure of poetic justice in Trump and company getting into trouble for conniving on behalf on Israel’s right wing government. Running interference for that country as it flouts international law — and basic human rights — has too long been standard operating procedure for the U.S. And we have paid a high price in our standing in the world for doing so.

Although the justice system moves slowly, we can always count on Trump to publicly incriminate himself very quickly. First, he admits in NBC interview that Comey firing was connected to Russia inquiry. Now he has confirmed he had to fire Mr. Flynn because he had lied to the FBI – this fact was only made public this week, but Trump apparently knew months prior (although he denies knowledge of it then.) Mr. Trump, you cannot know everything and nothing at the same time.

As witnessed by his disjointed and barely coherent tweets of this morning (Sunday), it is apparent that the president is terrified about what Flynn is telling the FBI.

Watching Trump’s discomfort and agony is the ONLY bright spot in our current political landscape.

With 8 years of obstruction and divisiveness during the Obama years, the Republicans sowed the seeds for the Trump administration to undermine American foreign policy and play lapdog to a foreign adversary. There is no outrage, let alone real concern, coming from the majority party because this was their goal; that Trump achieved it in a spectacularly mindless fashion speaks to the manner in which they regard their base.

If Michael Flynn was “a good guy” and President Donald Trump practically begged FBI Director James Comey “to see your way to letting this go, Flynn go,” then why is the White House now portraying the general as a “rogue actor” who freelanced on his own? How does this not strain credulity? If anything, it brings into sharper and clearer relief the truth of Director Comey’s notes of that signal meeting, a meeting at which the president asked AG Jeff Sessions and others to leave him and Mr. Comey alone–without witnesses?

I fear that obstruction of justice charges will be leveled at the 45th president by Robert Mueller’s team, perhaps later than sooner, but this is clearly coming and I don’t see how an unprecedented Constitutional crisis can be averted. An educated, informed citizenry could have avoided this moment, but here we are.

President Obama left office a well-respected man in America, and around the world. Obama respected the office of the President. Obama cared for the folks in this country who had no healthcare, folks that were living paycheck to paycheck. President Obama was a man of morals and integrity.

Donald Trump will most likely leave the White House as someone facing felony criminal charges for obstruction of justice, and collusion with Russia ever more likely.

In the end, Donald Trump and his band of misfits will be the worst thing that ever happened to America. It will take years for us to recover from Trump’s brand of hate that has polarized this Nation.

I’ll continue to Pray that this nightmare is over sooner, rather than later.