While Senate Republicans Rush To Pass A Tax Quagmire, Trump Tweets As America Burns

By Jason Taylor

At this point, we all know how potentially damaging the tax bill will be, we also know how unhinged our President appears. Why isn’t every Democrat Senator and Representative screaming bloody murder? In fact, why isn’t every GOP congressperson screaming, after all, if the bill becomes law, I doubt they will be welcomed back by their constituents, especially when their people realize what has happened.

Let’s be clear. This bill will pass the Senate, get through conference committee and ultimately become law. There are few things that unite Republicans like tax cuts. There was never any real doubt. It’ll be 52 to 48 with all the Democrats and the two independents against and all the Republicans for. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy, McCain ( and others) know it’ll likely pass so they get on board, but it’s likely to pass precisely because Senators like McCain get on board.

Several senators have stated that, if this bill is not passed, their donors will cut them off. That is the best thing that could happen to preserve democracy.

Not guided by principles or expertise these fools take the world’s largest economy into the unknown. Should this tax sham result in a recession, or worse, there will not be resources to recover without deeper and deeper debt. Then they’ll go after Medicare and Social Security to make up the difference. This is the Ryan/Koch playbook. The SCOTUS will keep them in power because only the poor serve time. I’m old enough to know how History Doesn’t Care. They too will fade away, and the Republican Party will only be remembered as the failure of democracy in the age of careless capitalism.

Any senator with common sense would reject this turkey of a bill. The more you read it, the worse it gets, larded with pork, beholden to the donor class, the lobbyists and the corporations with mere crumbs for the working class of America. Alas, Republicans are so desperate to pass anything, they will pass this stinking carcass to make up for their consistent failure to do anything else substantial. By the way, where is the budget?

GOP contempt for 99% of our citizens couldn’t be any clearer if they formally divided us into molochs and Eloi. And still, their base refuses to open its eyes and smell the sewage so long as Trump and company continue to find scapegoats among immigrants, blacks, Latinos, Muslims, gay and transgendered individuals and whomever else just happens to be walking around with a “kick me” sign affixed to their back. Maybe their Great White Hope will be able to convince them that their taxes have been reduced dramatically, that they have higher paying jobs with really great benefits and that “Celebrity Apprentice” was a cultural touchstone in the history of American civilization. And maybe pigs really can fly.

Hidden in the tangled web of this supposed “tax cut” bill are odious provisions that will repeal the Johnson amendment and make it possible for Dark Money to flow through religious institutions and non-profits. Also, how does the assault on graduate students and student loans help anyone or the defunding of CHIP? Can the average person really be anesthetized with a couple thousand dollars while big corporations are giving billions they don’t need and won’t use except to further bloat executive salaries? This is NOT about improving the lives of the vast majority of Americans and we are powerless to stop it.

20 hours of debate on a bill that, because of how far-reaching it is, should require several months of debate — and that’s assuming all of the particulars of the bill were actually known and also assuming that the nonpartisan CBO had been given a meaningful opportunity to score it. Thanks to every gimmick imaginable, the Republicans have managed to use procedural rules to protect this monstrosity from requiring more than a simple majority to pass.

And pass it will. Because voters hear the siren song of “tax cuts” and don’t realize that those cuts will be going to the top 1% of individuals and to corporations that are already awash in cash, while the rest of us — and our children and grandchildren — pick up the tab.

Just as the Republican assault against our livelihood couldn’t get any worse, it does. Every. Single. Day. Their attack is relentless and we will never, ever forgive them. Never. The endless lies in the name of greed, corruption, and downright cruelty, their daily divisiveness against 99% of Americans is un-American. This political party has rightfully become public enemy #1.