Mueller Drops The Hammer On Flynn

By Justin Yorick 

Robert Mueller being able to turn some of the blatant liars in the Trump circle into truthtellers in order to save themselves prison time or, heaven forbid, monetary penalties (they are so greedy and money-motivated), should flush out the truth about Trump’s apparently close ties to Putin and help explain why Putin seems able to control Trump. There seems to be some blackmail and/or long-term quid pro quo going on with Putin and Trump. I have faith that Mueller is on the right track and using all his vested power to get to the bottom of what’s been happening here.

According to court documents filed by Mueller, Flynn lied when he told investigators that he did not ask Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to “refrain from escalating the situation” in response to sanctions that then-President Obama had levied on the Russian Federation. Flynn also lied, the counsel alleges, when Flynn said he did not ask the ambassador to either delay or defeat a related U.N. Security Council vote.

At the time, then-deputy Attorney General Sally Yates warned the White House that Flynn created a “compromise situation” and could have been “blackmailed.”

“We weren’t the only ones that knew all of this,” Yates testified earlier this year, referring to the revelation that Flynn misled Pence about the true content of a December call with Kislyak. “The Russians also knew about what General Flynn had done. The Russians also knew that General Flynn had misled the vice president and others.”

Donald Trump’s behavior as of late is that of someone who wants to get fired or at least find a face-saving way of quitting his job. While charges of obstruction of justice loom over his head, he tries to obstruct justice, he’s maneuvering to find cabinet members who will end the investigation he can’t seem to stop, and like Flynn, he’s scared to death that junior and junior in law will have to do time. Bottom line, he’s been engaging in convoluted money laundering deals for years and Trump knows Mueller is way too clever to allow him to lie his way out.

Critically, the indictment shows that Flynn lied to the FBI about asking the Russian Ambassador to have the Russian government to keep a low profile until Trump’s inauguration with the implication that there would be some quid pro quo. Now, the million dollar question is whether President Trump knew that Flynn was going to do that. Or, in other words, was the impending Trump Administration already in Putin’s pocket and this meeting was in furtherance of that alliance?

The greedy donors who control the GOP have happily sacrificed our democracy for their anxiously awaited tax cut. They allow a Russian mole to occupy the White House because they are the only ones who can give the OK to the GOP to impeach. When trump goes down so should the entire GOP and anyone who supported him, we all knew he was guilty before the inquiry. The Republican Party should die with this imposter and never be heard from again. This is explosive stuff, folks.