Donald Trump Is The Greatest Threat To The National Security Of The United States.

By Jason Taylor

The United States is destroying itself at lightning speed and seems incapable of arresting the destruction. Just this week Trump has endorsed a child molester for the Senate and used a Native American racial slur while honoring Navajo war heroes. The Senate is poised to pass a tax bill that transfers wealth from the poor and middle class to the richest Americans. Republicans are sacrificing their voters’ futures to placate their campaign donors. And they ignore the gross incompetence and mendacity of the president for fear of the idiot base he compulsively tweets too.

“It is unusual to see an American president push out this type of content on such a powerful social media platform.”

No, it’s not. It’s unprecedented, it’s pathological, and it’s dangerous. It might even border on the criminal, should it lead directly to someone, or many people, getting killed. It is an incitement to violence. Trump is breathtaking in his irresponsibility. He knows deep down within whatever rational part of his brain might still exist that his presidency a monumental failure. His solution, therefore, is to bring the rest of the world right down with him.

Thanks, but no thanks. Congress can either impeach this pathocrat, or they can be complicit with his antics. They don’t get to have it both ways, not when so many lives are at stake.

Shall we fight back with the photos of black bodies hanging from Southern oaks, bodies of four little black girls killed in a church bombing in Birmingham (their killers brought to justice by Doug Jones, Alabama Senate candidate), the bodies of Jews piled high at Auschwitz, the carnage in the streets of Las Vegas, the Oklahoma City bombing victims including dozens of children playing in a day care center, six and seven-year-olds ripped apart in their classrooms at Newton, CN, and the bodies of nine black parishoners in Charleston shot to death at prayer. Just a small sampling of the carnage, the inhumanity, the horrifying violence and hatred that has been perpetrated by white Christians.

The Trump base loves this stuff and Trump knows it.

The 38% will always support him. They’ll pay higher taxes, they’ll go along with losing their health care, the base will give Trump a pass every time no matter how much they are hurt financially by the GOP. As long as Trump keeps the anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant rhetoric going and continues to play in racial provocation, the base is solid. The poison that continues to emanate from our president is not only morally unacceptable. It also imperils our national security. Every American bears a responsibility to do what we can to remove this troubled man, whether through impeachment or invocation of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, from the highest office in our land.

Trumpism is basically America’s version of France’s National Front, or Britain’s Britain First. People throw the word “fascist” around a lot as hyperbole, but I think Trump really is fascist.

I don’t think that our friends and allies are “wondering” about our president’s judgment. I think they’re pretty certain his behavior is a danger to the world. While fomenting hatred and violence, and possibly inciting war, he’s driving away the allies who would normally help defend us. And he’s still questioning Obama’s birth certificate?!

Donald Trump may be the United States’ greatest enemy that ever lived. It’s one thing to be attacked from outside our borders but it’s another to have a person occupying the Oval Office speak the words that will provide citizens of the world reasons to dislike our Country so much that we will suffer violence at their hands. Then Trump will say, “See? I told you!” Why we tolerate his behavior is beyond me. If a City Council member or even a member of Congress posted videos like this, they would be hounded out of office. Yet Trump gets a pass — repeatedly. If this lack of accountability keeps up, we will wind up in a fascist dystopia before we know it.

How much more evidence must we have that this President is suffering a mental condition that makes him incapable to perform the duties of his office? Looking back at the campaign when critics of Trump from all political views said he lacked the temperament to be President, we can see now what a dramatic understatement that was. He must be removed from office now. We cannot wait for Mueller to produce enough evidence of Trump’s engaging in high crimes and misdemeanors that even Trump’s base will turn against him. It is only a matter of time before he is going to cause innocent people to be killed.

Other countries which have been run by dictators spawned revolutions by ordinary, peaceful, protesting civilians which overturned their authoritarian Governments. This rarely happens in democracies in which all sides are given a voice. Trump is clearly a fascist with an autocratic voice and hand. The only question is why the majority of sensible, clear thinking Americans are not rising up in a united front to oust this corporate criminal? Stop relying on Congress and the Senate to do the right thing. It won’t happen. It’s now up to the majority of Americans to recognize the damage and the danger the Russian choice for President is doing.

Brendan Cox, whose wife, British MP Jo Cox, was murdered by a right-wing extremist who shouted “Britain First” before committing the act, summed up the moment: “Trump has legitimised the far right in his own country, now he’s trying to do it in ours. Spreading hatred has consequences and the President should be ashamed of himself.”

How long must the US endure this shameful President? This goes beyond the usual disgraceful tweets. Where is Congress in all this? What is this country coming to if it shrugs its shoulders at this kind of behavior by a President?