Has Flynn Flipped On Trump?

By Justin Yorick 

The noose closes, slowly but certainly. Mueller seems, as would be reasonable, to be starting with the small fry and working his way up. Whether Flynn is actively cooperating with Mueller yet may be less important; it seems unavoidable that he will at some point, after all his son could face prison as well, and perhaps a few other people he knows.

This must be a new level of discomfort for Trump. He knows how much Flynn knows about him, and its important enough that he tried to get Comey to stop investigating Flynn. And like Flynn, Trump has a son, daughter & son-in-law to think about. If Trump doesn’t do his usual tweet-a-thon over this, it would seem a sign that it’s getting too close and too dangerous; even Trump must have some level of danger at which he shuts up.

Pence becomes more important as Trump’s fate becomes more certain. Many have said if Trump is out, Pence would be as bad of a President in many ways. Yet Flynn would have knowledge that Pence too was aware of Russian contacts & meetings, so it seems unclear whether Pence would survive.

I am hopeful here, but I’m keeping it under control. No one knows how this will play out, but if Flynn co-operates then others who have information will probably testify as well. Something has to give and soon. The Trump Administration and the Republicans in Congress are tearing apart our policy structure, rigging our judicial system, creating a tax cut to benefit themselves and their donors, and quite possibly working for and with an unfriendly foreign power.

America will not stand for a long period of time under such tactics. Things are already beginning to fall apart. We need to know just how far the Russian influence extends through the Trump campaign, family, administration and Congress.

What scares me more than collusion with Russia is the thought that the President of the United States is indebted to Russia, not for delivering the election but for cash in his businesses. Isn’t it possible that Trump was pressed to collude because he owed money to Russia and maybe the threat of the tape being released? Look at all the Russia connected people that became Trump people.

Look at Trump’s fawning behavior to Putin. It’s chilling. It feels like we have a traitor in the White House. I don’t understand how Republicans are ok with this. Are their rightward leanings so strong that they prefer authoritarian Russians over liberal Americans? Is that where we are today?

It’s expected that the reason Trump was so concerned about the investigation of Michael Flynn will be revealed once Flynn begins to cooperate with Bob Mueller. This should provide a welcome end to speculation on both sides, and wake us from this national nightmare that began on inauguration day.

The true awakening came the day after the election for most of us when we realized the price of complacency in our electorate. The erosion of values and the normalization of outrageous behavior may finally face a challenge.